Dailey Charles Clark 10-30-1918 11-2-1918 Clarion, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 34 2 5 Pneumonia 1239 Flick
S. V. Barr

Dailey George W. 8/23/1960 8/25/1960 Fairmount City, Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 78

McNaughton-McKinney-East Brady dob - 8-12-1882 Son of William and Mary Girts Dailey Member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of East Brady Retired coal miner
Rimersburg Sons: Clyde, Thomas, Elmer and William Dailey
Daughters: Mrs. Duran (Margaret) Say, Mrs. J. W. (Bernice) Hetrick and Mrs. M. C. (Helen) Nesbitt
He was preceded in death by his wife, Pearl Myers Dailey and one son, Frank Dailey
Dailey Mary Catherine 1-19-1907 1-21-1907 Madison Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Madison Twp.,Clarion, Co

21 Pneumonia

S. V. Barr

Dailey Mary V. 09/22/1920 09/25/1920

S.V. BARR Wife of William Dailey

Dailey William L. 12-2-1915 12-5-1915 Armstrong Cop. Madison Twp.,Clarion Co. 72 8 15 Heart Disease

C. B. Stewart dob- 1843 Co.D, 103 PA Vol. Served 3 yr. 6 mo. 3 days Private

Daily Charles Clark 10/30/1918 11/1918 Clarion Pa. Rimersburg Pa. 34 2 5 Pneumonia & Influenza 1239 Flic S.V. Barr

Dale Maggie Eddinger 11-15-1961 11-18-1961 West Monterey, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 93

J. D. Miller dob - 11-4-1868 Husband - A. W. Dale who died in 1925 Father - David Snyder Mother - Hannah Jane Custer
Rimersburg She was first married to Henry Eddinger who died in 1911
Sons: Raymond, Earl and Ralph Eddinger
Three sons and a daughter preceded her in death
Dale William A. 03/13/1925 03/16/1625 PITTSBURGH RIMERSBURG 59 8 17 FLUMONIA


Dalton Frances Jane 3/25.1960 3/28/1960 Hilliards, Pa. Karns City, P{a. 49

Long illness

Vensel Funeral Home, Chicora dob- 2-14-1911 Daughter of Eugene and Jessie Mae Barber Gillespie She was a memvber of the Chicora Methodist church
Ridgeville-Hilliards Her husband, Rev. C. P. Dalton was pastor of the Methodist church in Chicora and Karns City
Sister: Mrs. George Schnell
Brothers: William, Robert, Wayne and Raymond Gillespie
Danforth Alice Elizabeth 3/9/1959 3/12/1959 Licking Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. West Monterey, Pa. 86

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob- 6-16-1872 Daughter of Thomas Preston and Leah Frantz Henry Married to Albert J. Danforth who died in 1936
Mt. Zion The lastsurviving member of her family, three brothers and two sisters preceded her in death.
Daughter: Mrs. Anna Mae Jordan
Danielson Daniel B. 9/20/1953 9/23/1953 Antrum,Tioga Co.,Pa. Reynoldsville, Pa. R.D. 64

Heart Failure

dob- 7-24-1889 Father: August Danielson Mother: Charlotte Larson Spouse: Lulu Scadden Danielson Foreman in coal mines
Rimersburg Son: Bernard Danielson Daughters: Mrs. Carl (Agnes) Smullen; Mrs. Edward (Doris) Miller
Esther Danielson preceded him in death Brother: Alex Danielson of Jamestown, N.Y.
Services conducted by Rev. C. F. Hunt of Sligo Nazarene Church Assisted by: Rev. Walker, pastor of Jerome and Chester Henneman, nephew of Mrs. Danielson
Danielson Daniel Bernard 6/17/1960 6/22/1960 Elnora,Jefferson Co., Pa. Miami Beach, Florida 50

Heart Attack

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo,Pa. dob- 11-19-1909 Son of Daniel and Lulu Scadden Danielson Married in September 1938 to Agnes Brown
Rimersburg Daughters: Mrs. Leroy (Lulu) Eichelberger and Tammy Danielson
Son: James Danielson
Sisters: Mrs. Carl (Agnes) Smullen and Mrs. Edward (Doris) Miller He was preceded in death by a sister Esther Danielson
Danielson Ester L. 02/11/1923 02/14/1923 RIMERSBURG RIMERSBURG 2 2 13 PNEUMONIA 169 PLOT C.B. STEWART

Danielson Lulu Pearl 4-2-1972 4-5-1972
Brookville,Jefferson Co.,

congestive heart faillure

Cleo A. Hawk Spouse: Daniel B. Danielson Father: Miles C. Scadden Mother: Mary Yates Scadden Died at Brookville Hospital 41 Rimersburg
Darley William
12/2/1915 12/5/1915 Armstrong Co. Madison Twp.
Heart Disease

C.B. Stewart

735 Rimersburg
Darr Frank
05/08/1880 05/08/1880 Rimersburg East Brady 30


B. F. Smith, East Brady

83 Rimersburg
Darr Harry
09/20/1875 09/21/1875 Indiana Co, PA Clarion, PA 30

Inflammation of bowel

Wilson, Clarion, PA

81 Rimersburg
Darr John Martin 8/23/1957 8/26/1957 Mahoning Twp.,Armstg. Co.,Pa. Kitanning Hospital, Pa. 47

Reitz Funeral Home,New Bethlehem dob- 8-1-1910 Son o William H. and Myrtle Cramer Darr Made his home with his parents
Oakland-Distant Sisters: Mrs. Beulah Hawk, Mrs. Evelyn Craig, Mrs. Catherine Truitt and Mrs. Janet Miller
Brother- Clifford Darr
Darr Margaret

dob- 1798 Spouse: Henry Darr

Darr Margrett
10/17/1876 10/18/1876 Indiana Co, PA Rimersburg, PA 72

Lung Fever

J. E. McGuigan

82 Rimersburg
Darr Mina L. 02/28/1930 03/1930 CLARION CO. PA. PINEY TWP. 86



Darr Silas
10/17/1903 10/19/1903 Indiana County, PA East Brady, PA 76


Con Heimer yob - 1833
490 Rimersburg
David Chriss Cane 8-26-1957 8-30-1957 Sherrett, Pa. St. Petersburg, Fla. 65


R. W. Moore dob 5-15-1892 Guard at Bethlehem Steel Co. Wife - Vida Burford Father - Andrew Jackson Davis Mother - Mary Greek
Davis Alice
2/6/1949 2/8/1949 Clarion, Pa. Callensburg, Pa. 82

Prolonged illness

Services at ther Callensburg Church of God with the Rev. George Cooper officiating Buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Callensburg
Callensburg Children: Benjamin Davis, Mrs. Essie Merryman, Mrs. Elva Solida, Mrs. Gladys Mahle, Mrs. Lottie Shoup
Kern Rupert of Callensburg is a half-brother
She was a member of a family of 17. She was born and raised in Clarion
Her husband died eight years ago.
Davis Alvin A. 7-14-1998 7-16-1998 Born May 13,1918 RD 1 Box 251

Congestive heart failure plot 3

Davis Arlene Thelma 6-13-1975

Franklin City, Venango Co

Carcinana of heart

Robert V. Burns, Clarion white female

Davis Dinger
07/27/1941 07/29/1941 PA. HUEY PA. 43 3 10 HEART DISEASE 376 3 C.B. STEWART

Davis Donald Ross 9-29-1984 10-3-1984 Phillipston, Pa. Rees Nur.Home New Castle 74

James D. Miller, Rimersburg,Pa white male, was a Veteran WW-2 Army dob - 3-21-1910 Father - Thomas L. Davis Mother- Nellie B. Martin SS# 711-07-2953 Rex-Hide, East Brady, Pa.
Rimersburg Brothers: Charles, Thomas, Lorenzo and Leroy
Sisters: Mrs. Imogene Mosel, Mrs. Doretha Hilliard, Lillian Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth Teske
Davis Duane Calvin 6-18-2000 6-21-2000
R. D. Clarion, Pa. 77

Acute Myocardial Infarction

Robert V. Burns, Clarion, Pa. dob- 7-16-1922 Died at 171 Hill Top Drive, Limestone Twp, Clarion, Pa.

Davis Elizabeth June 6-21-1979 6-25-1979 Madison Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Mountain View Manor, Ind. 77 0 16

J.D.Miller, Rimersburg,Pa white female dob - 6-5-1902 HUSBAND - Lorenzo M. Davis Father - Harry L. Foringer Mother - Annie E. Conner SS# 726-07-1086
Davis Elva Bell 2/3/1960 2/5/1960
Perryville, Pa. 75

Bowser Funeral Home, Parker, Pa. School teacher - taught in Clarion Co. Schools. Husband- L. C. Davis

Perryville Sister: Mrs. Orville Stewart
Davis Garfield Ellsworth 5/6/1964 5/8/1964 Mercer Co., Pa. R. D. Emlenton, Pa. 84

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo dob - 4-6-1880 Son of Morison and Katherine Shout Davis Married to Jeanette Stitt
Rimersburg Daughter - Mrs. Calvin (Vonnie) Hughes
Son- Larue Davis
Sister, Elizabeth Timmis
Brother - William H. Davis
Davis George D. Jr. 5-10-1993 5-13-1993 Copperhill, Tennessee St.Francis Hosp. Pittsbgh 73

Sudden cardiac death

Varner, Sligo,Pa. 16255 dob - 1-19-1920Spouse: Josephine Britt Father: George D. Davis, Sr. Mother: Myrtle Sellers Founder of Davis Cookie Company Army Air Corp. W.W.II
Rimersburg Sons: David G., Donn A., Dan D. Dana B. Davis
Sisters: Helen Riley, Lee Tristano
Davis Iantha Amandimal 1-28-1977

Farrell,Mercer County

Cardio-vascular collapse

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo white female

Davis James Alvin 1/15/1950 1/17/1950 Armstrong Co., Pa. Tidal, Pa. 81 4 24

dob - 8-21-1868 Spouse- Sarah Elizabeth Davis

Tidal Daughter: Mrs. Mary Crissman Step-sons: George Gray and Walter Gray
Sisters: Mrs. Pearl McElroy, Mrs. Sarah Roiner, Mrs. Edward Tufts
Brothers:Kahl, Harry, Charles, Crist, Roy and Frank Davis
Davis John
8/1/1955 8/3/1955 Monroe Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa.

dob- 11-18-1873 Son of Gilmore and Barbara Daye Davis Married to Myrtle Campbell in 1895
Sligo Son: John Davis, Jr. deceased Children: Mrs. Margaret Edelen, Mrs. Clarence Stauffer, Mrs.
Lucille Hess, Mrs. John Snyder, Mrs. Raleigh Kelly, Roy, Dick and Dean Davis
Sister: Mrs. Alice Vogel Brother: S. J. Davis Half-sister: Mrs. Laura Mapes
Services were held from the home of his son, Dean, with the Rev. Paul B. Dunlap officiating
Davis John C. 06/24/1938 06/26/1938 PA. HUEY PA.

Davis John Russell 2/10/1951 2/13/1951 Sligo, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 48

Sub-dural hemmorage

Guy Hawk, Sligo, Pa. dob- 10-27-1902 Father: Samuel J. Davis Mother: Alice M. Vogel Davis Married 2/8/1921 to Estella Neely
Sligo, Pa. Children: Chester L. Davis, Mrs. Ann Imogene Rinker
Brothers: Leslie P., Clarence E Davis
Sisters: Mrs. Eva Dale, Mrs. Gladys Hillis
Services were hel;d at the funeral home with the Rev. Paul Dunlap, pastor of the Methodist Church officiating
Davis Josephine
8-14-1983 8-14-1983 Fincastle, Va. Youngstown, Ohio 66

Prov.DC SH62
Dick E. Kline dob 5-11-1917 died at St. Elizabeth Hospital Husband- George D. Davis SS# 281-03-0700 Father- Sifford Haden Britt Mother- Marjory Ann Wright Owner-Archway Cookie Co.
Davis Lee Clair 8/4/1960 8/7/1960 West Freedom, Pa. Emlenton, Pa. 75

Bowser Funeral Home, Parker, Pa. Son of John and Clesta Jordan Davis Married 10/1915 to Elva Bell Gettens who died 2/2/1960 Watchmaker by trade Worked in the Texas oil fields
Perryville He had a watchmaker shop in Perryville for 25 years
Services wsere held from the funeral home with the Rev, Merwin Schwab officiating
Davis Leroy Wilson 11/19/1951 11/22/1951 Brady Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Aspinwall Vet Hospital

dob-6-7-1907 Father: Thomas L. Davis Mother; Nellie Martin David

Rimersburg Brothers; Lorenzo M., Charles E., Dionald R., and Thomas L. Davis
Sisters;Mrs. Virginia Bixler, Mrs. Dorothy Hilliard, Mrs. Elizabeth Teske and Mrs. Imogene Mosel
Services held at the home of his brother Lorenzo Davis with the Rev. Russell Moore of the East Brady Methodist Church officiating
Davis Lillian V. 09/27/1938 09/30/1938 PA. ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL, PIT 39


DAVIS Lorenzo M. (Rex) 12-29-1965 1-1-1966 Brady Twp., ClarionCo.,Pa. Butler Hospital,Pa. 64 9 27

J. D. Miller dob - 3-2-1901 Wife - Elizabeth J, Foringer Father - Thomas Davis Mother - Nellie Martin
Davis Mable Delia 11/11/1927 11/14/1927 CLARION CO. HUEY PA. 23 2 7 DIALTATION OF PERCERDIUM

Davis Mary Caroline 11-16-1984 11-18-1984 Born Aug.14, 1893 Clarion Hospital, Clarion

Cardio Pulmonary arrest

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo, Pa white female
481 Rimersburg
Davis Merle E. 4/27/1952 4/29/1952 Butler Co.,Pa. Kittanning, Pa.

dob-2-10-1884 across the Allegheny River from West Monterey, Pa. (Millers Eddy) Father: William E. Davis Mother: Annie Jordan Davis Spouse: Smuna E. Davis
West Monterey Daughters: Mrs. Lucille Hummell, Mrs. Anna Smith and Mrs. Kathleen Mortimer
Brother: Harry L. Davis Sister: Mrs. Eva Smith
Davis Monabelle Painter 1/26/1952 1/30/1952 Rimersburg, Pa. Richland, Ohio 38


Steubenville, Ohio dob- 1-25-1914 Father: Lane Painter Mother: Bertha Fulton Painter Spouse: William H. Davis Nurse
Steubenville, Ohio Sons; Frederick and Thomas Davis
Sisters: Mrs. Dorothy Prye, Mrs. Mary Demask and Mrs. Janet Ruth Daley
Brothers:LaverePainter and Sgt. Robert W. Painter in Germany
Davis Pearl B. 12/26/1960 12/29/1960 Rimersburg, Pa. Kittanning hospital, Pa. 55

Merwin Funeral Home, Ford City dob - 12-20-1905 Daughter of Harry and Catherine Humphrey Bell Married to Hulbert Davis
Ford City Children: John R. Davis, Mrs. Margaret Hirst, William Davis, Mrs. Twila Smith, Kenneth Davis, Mrs. Barbara Holmes, Joseph Davis,James Lunsford and Stanley Lunsford
Sisters: Mrs. Florence Benson, Mrs. Bessie Lowers and Mrs. Margaret Zambotti
Davis R H 1-3-1903 3-4-1903 WALES HOMESTEAD PA 33 3 25 PNEUMONIA


471 Rimersburg
Davis Ronald Hilton 1-29-1971 2-1-1971
Piney Twp., Clarion Co.,

acute coronary thrombosis

Cleo A. Hawk

2 Rimersburg
Davis Thomas Lorenzo(Jr 6-20-1969 6-21-1969
Clarion, Clarion Co., Pa.

pulmonary embolism

James D. Miller

32 Rimersburg
Davis Veda J. 1-18-1984 1-23-1984
Clearwater, Florida

McGriff Funeral Home, West Coast Crematory,In

Davis Violet Jeannett 2-20-1975

Piney Twp.,Clarion County

Acute myocardial infarcti

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo white female

Davis William Andrew 6-22-1977 6-25-1977
West Freedom, Pa. 23 4 5 Drowning

James D. Miller dob - 2-17-1954 Father - William H. Davis Mother - Maureen R. McClaine SS# 192-46-2780 Drowned in strip mine pond
St. Eusebius
Davis William E 8-18-1883



Dawson Nancy E 1-6-1928


DOB 7-8-1860

Deahl Duska Muder 7/19/1959 7/21/1959 Bradys Bend, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 74

Lingering illness

Atwell Funeral Home, Butler, Pa. dob- 3-27-1895 Daughter of Herman and Bertha Seibert Muder Married to William Deahl who died in 1952
Saxonburg Daughter: Mrs. Ralph E. (Viola) Harr
Sister: Mrs Gertrude Hutchison
Dean Merle Leonard 1-6-1974 1-9-1974 Natrona, Pa. Buffalo, N.Y. 59 7 29

James D. Miller dob - 5-7-1914 Owner book store Father - Thomas Dean Mother - Annice Anthony SS# 191-05-7297 Buried at Natrona Heo\ights, Pa.
Mt. Airy
Dean William C. 1/24/1958 1/28/1958
Parker, Pa.

Fred S. Bowser, Parker, Pa. Wife; Charlotte Turk Dean Member of the Parker Presbyterian Church Florist in Parker He was a native of Cape Cod, Mass.
Parker- Presbyterian Services were held fro the funeral home with the Rev. Robert Black, D.D., pastor of the Parker Presbyterian Church officiating
Dearmatt Mary J. Dec. 25, 1911

Redbank 69 2
Uremic poisoning

C.B Stewart

262 Rimersburg
Dearmit William Edward 8/25/1913 8/27/1913 Madison Twp

7 20

S.V. Barr

Dearmott Anna Mary 11/12/1906 11/13/1906

5 12 Lung Fever 117
S.V. Barr

572 Rimersburg
Dearmott Lottie Lorene 2-18-1899 2-19-1899 Tyler County West Virginia Fairmaont City PA 0 7 18 Lung Fever 117
Charles Wileah, New Bethlehem PA

364 Rimersburg
Dearmott N. Grant 12/24/1928 12/1928



Dearmott William Edward 8-25-1913 8-27-1913 Madison Twp.Clarion Co.,Pa.

7 20

S. V. Barr

DeBacco Cosemo D. 4/22/1962 4/25/1962 Italy Karns City, Pa. 76

Brief illness

Buechele Funeral Home, East Brady dob - 9-28-1885 Retired coal miner Member of St. Patrick's R. C. Church in Brady's Bend

St. Mary's-Bradys Bend Brothers: Paul and Robert DeBacco
Decker Carrie Blanch 3/7/1965 3/10/1965 Redbank Twp.,Clarion Co.Pa. Porter Two,Clarion Co.,Pa. 83

Ill for three months

Charles Alcorn, Hawthorn, Pa. dob - 6-3-1881 Daughter of Martin T. and Mary Stewart Bodenhorn Married 6/17/1908 to Fred J. Decker
Squirrel Hill Daughter, Mrs. Phillip (Merna) Brosius
Sons, Russell G., Ernest P. and Roger L. Bodenhorn
Sister, Mrs. Aaron (Erstine) Young
A son, Walter, preceded her in death
Decorte Mary Josephine 7/1/1960 7/4/1960 East Brady, Pa. East Brady, Pa. 52

Short Illness

Buechele Funeral Home, East Brady dob - 5-15-1907 Daughter of Joseph and Kathryn Burke McCloskey Married to Walter J. Decorte who died in 1955
St. Eusebius-East Brady Son: Walter J. Decorte, Jr.
Sister: Mrs. Margaret Henry
Brothers: Joseph, James R. and Henry T. McCloskey
Deemer Anna J. 6/17/1958 6/20/1958 Porter Twp., Clarion Co.,,Pa. Porter Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. 90

Lingering illness

R. W. Moore, Rimersburg dob- 6-7-1868 Daughter of David and Lavine McKee McCullough Married to Edward Deemer who died 3/18/1949 Member of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Cherry Run Presbyterian Nephews: Edward, Merle, Guy , Clair and Richard Deemer
Deemer Edward M. 3/18/1949 3/20/1949 Armstrong Co. Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. 77

R. W. Moore. Rimersburg, Pa. dob- 3-13-1872 Spouse: Anna McCullough

Cherry Run U.P. Sister: Catherine Deemer
He was preceded in death by three brothers and one sister
Service were conducted at the funeral home by the Rev. J. V. Mountain of the Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Deeter Steven Phillip 1/3/2003 1/7/2003 Bluefield, W. Va. Rapid City, S. D. 2

Automobile Accident

Dickson Funeral Home, Cochranton, Pa. dob - 1-29-2001 Son of Rev. Mark G. and Jennifer R. Ford Deeter

DeHout Jennie
2/8/1959 2/11/1959 Bradys Bend, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 84

Buechele Funeral Home, East Brady dob- 10-17-1876 Daughter of James W. and Jane Hergenroether Madden Married to Nestor DeHout who died in 1929
St. Marys, Bradys Bend Brothers: John I., Ambrose C., James H. and Fred Madden
Sisters: Mrs. Fannie Dickman and Mrs. Lucille Cooper
A daughter, Edna, preceded her in death in 1944
Deitz Ella Marie 9/7/2002 9/11/2002 Armstrong Co., Pa. Kittanning Hospital, Pa. 90

Brief illness

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg, Pa. dob - 8-12-1912 Daughter of John Curtis and Georgia May Peters Crawford Married to Samuel S. Deitz who died 8/28/1978 Methodist
St. Eusebius, East Brady Daughter, Kathryn G. Foringer and Daisy Lucille Deitz (died in 1940)
Sons, John J., Clarence and George A. Deitz
Brothers, Walter , John, Sidney and Arthur Crawford
Sisters, Avanelle Andre and Frances Hamilton
Delacour Eleanor J. 2/25/2002 2/28/2002 Milroy, Mifflin Co., Pa. A.G.H. Pittsburgh, Pa. 82

Brief illness

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg, Pa. dob- 10/9/1919 Daughter of Charles and Carrie Phillips Workinger Married Merle H. Delacour on 3/6/1937
Tidal Union Sons: Merle E., Edward D., John H. and Nevin G. Delacour Daughters: Mrs. Richard C. (Bonnie J.) Hiles, Mrs. Connell D. (Judy M.) Switzer and Mrs. Larry B. (Faith) Terwilliger Brothers: Blaine and Willis J. Workinger Sisters: Emma Wojtaszek Danellio, Naomi Bolick and Joyce Wolfe
Brothers deceased: William, Charles, Elwood, Lester, Millard and Ronald
Sisters deceased: Alma Graham Homan and Helen Decker
Delacour Enos Charles 4/19/1952 4/22/1952 Madison Twp.Armstrong Co. near Tidal, Pa. 75

Heart Attack

dob- 7-9-1876 Father: Alexander Delacour Mother: Theresa Hiwiller Delacour Retired coal miner Spouse: Nora Helm Delacour Member of the Tidal Presbyterian Church
Tidal Children: Mrs. Edward McGinnis, Merle and Vern Delacour, Mrs. William Hooks all of Tidal.
Mrs. John Beatty and Mrs. David Blymiller
Brother: Andrew Delacour and sister Mrs. Adaline Craig of Tidal
Services were from the funeral home with the Rev. A. H. Gettman in charge. He was assisted by the Rev. Walter Kennedy pastor of the Templeton & Goheenville Presbyterian churches
Delacour Margaret Eva 2-6-1966 2-9-1966 Rimerton, Pa. R.D. Mahoning, Pa. 79 7 13

J. D. Miller dob - 6-23-1886 Husband -= Andrew A. Delacour Father - john Chaney Mother - Elizabeth Clark
Delacour Merle Helm 3/4/2003 3/10/2003 Tidal, Pa. Clarview Rest Home, Sligo 93

Brief illness

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg, Pa. dob - 12-29-1909 Son of Enos and Nora Helm Delacour Married 3/6/1937 to Eleanor J. Workinger
Tidal Sons; Mele E., Sr., Edward C., John H. and Nevin H. Delacour
Daughters; Mrs. Richard C. (Bonnie J.) Hiles, Mrs. Connell D. (Judy M) Switzer and Mrs. Larry B. (Faith E.) Terwilliger
Brothers; Vern R., Lloyd and Raymond Delacour
Sisters; Mabel Beatty, Florence McGinnis, Jean Billheimer and Irene Delacour
Delacour Nora H. 8-2-1959 8-5-1959 Tidal, Pa. Kittanning, Pa. 78

J. D. Miller dob - 4-29-1881 Husband - Enos Delacour who died in 1952 Father - Harvey H. Helm Mother - Mary Cloak Buried at Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa.
Tidal Daughters: Mrs. Edward (Florence) McGinnis, Mrs. John (Mabel) Beatty, Mrs. David (Jean) Billheimer and Mrs. William (Myrtle) Hooks
Sons: Merle H. and Vern R. Delacour
Sisters: Mrs. Lottie Smith, Mrs. Jennie Bowser, Mrs. Meade Gray, Mrs. Louise Kennedy, Mrs. Charles Bowser and Mrs. John Clark Brother- Neil Helm
Delaney Francis Augusta 7/25/1956 7/27/1956 Armstrong Co., Pa. R. D. Kittanning, Pa. 89

Lingering illness

Bauedr Funeral Home, Kitanning, Pa. dob- 12-4-1866 Son of Francis and Sinda Byers Delaney Married Anna Rager Delaney Member of St. Patrick's R. C. Church of Brady's Bend Retired R.R. emp;oyee
St. Mary's-Bradys Bend Sons: Charles and Francis Delaney Step-sons, Raymond and Scott Rager
Step-daughters: Mrs. Edna Wilson and Mrs. Pearl Fennel
Brother, Raffle Delaney Sister, Carolyn Delaney
Services were held at the St. Mary's R.C. Church with the Rev. F. X. Foley officiating
Delaney Margaret Elizabeth 8-29-1960 8-31-1960 Queenstown, Pa. Karns City, Pa. 49

Extended illness

Buechele Funeral Home,East Brady dob- 10-7-1893 Daughter of Joseph and Carolyn Etzell Blatt Member of St. Patrick's R.C. Church of Brady's Bend Married to Rphael G. Delaney
St. Marys-Bradys Bend Daughters: Mrs. Anna C. McConville, Mrs. Margaret G. DeMaria and Mrs. Helen E.Wascak
Sons: Charles R. and Albert S. Delaney
Delaney Raprael G. 4/23/1961 4/26/1961 Queenstown, Pa. R.D. Karns City, Pa. 84

Extended illness

Buechele Funeral Home-East Brady dob-6-20-1876 Married to Margaret E. Delaney Memvber of St. Patrick's R.C. Church in Brady's Bend
St. Marys-Bradys Bend Daughters: Mrs. Anna C. McConville, Mrs. Margaret J. DeMaria and Mrs. Helen E. Wascak
Sons: Charles R. and Albert S. Delaney
Delano Angelo
2/15/1964 2/18/1964 Italy East Brady, Pa. 83

Buechele Funeral Home, East Brady dob - 4-16-1880 Son of Antonio and Ann Denoveliss Delano He was married to Concettina Carestia
Bradys Bend Sons, Anthony N. and Arthur M. Delano
Daughter, Mrs. Mary Irvin
Sister, Mrs. Concettina Sanelli
Brother, Paul Delano
Delano Arthur M. 6/3/2001 6/7/3001 Cleveland, Ohio Butler Vet. Hospital, Pa. 84

Beuchele Funeral Home, East Brady dob- 7-7-1916 Son of Angelo and Conventina Carestia Delano Married to Verna J. Poshedly on 6/21/1941 in Cleveland
St. Eusebius, East Brady Sons: Arthur M., Delano, Jr. and David Delano
Delocour Frances
5-31-1958 6-3-1958 Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. R.D. Mahoniing, Pa. 85 5 4

J. D. Miller dob - 12-27-1872 Husband - August Delocour Father - George D. Hopper Mother - Catherine Rush Buried at Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.
Deloe Newton E. 10/17/1961 10/20/1961 Nickleville, Pa. Turkey City, Pa. 87

Lingering illness

McKinney, St. Petersburg dob- 12-25-1873 Son of Lewis and Caroline Lobaugh Deloe Married 9/15/1899 to Ida May Francisco
St. Petersburg Five children preceded him in death
Sons: Arthur, Newton, Jr., Irva and Dewayne Deloe
DeLong Bessie Lillian 12-13-1978 12-15-1978
5330 Fern St.,Pittsburgh,

Heart failure

McCabe Brothers, 5300 Penn Ave.Pittsburgh,Pa. white female

DeLong Joseph D. 6-14-1976

Western Penn. Hosp., Alle

Cardiac arrest

McCabe Bros.Inc., 5300 Penn Ave., Pitts., 152 white male

DeLong Margaret Barr 11/20/1953 11/22/1953 Rimersburg, Pa. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 57

Lingering Illness

Beahm, Homestead, Pa. Father: Thomas L. Barr Mother: Amanda Craig Barr Spouse: George DeLong

Rimersburg Brother: John L. Barr
Sisters: Mrs. Betty Booenheimer, Mrs. Marian Craig, Mrs. Peggy Wagner
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Walker, Miss Gertrude Barr
Delp A. Blanche 6-28-1977 7-1-1977 Toby Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Brookville Hospital, Pa. 79 2 13

James D. Miller dob - 4-15-1898 Husband - W. Henry Delp Father - Benton M. Shirey Mother - Margaret Henry SS# 179-28-0510
Squirrel Hill
Delp George C 2-22-1877



Delp Harmon Earl 12-22-1967 12-24-1967 Madison Twp., Clarion Co. Hamot Hospital Erie 79

Vet - World War 1

Moore-Kline Funeral Home dob 9-9-1888 Wife - Violet Delp Father- John Fulton Delp Mother- Mary Katherine Kline SS# 206-09-4953 Vet. World War 1
Delp Julie Ann 1906


DOB 1833

Delp Peter


DOB 1825

Delp Robert H 3-17-1878

1 2


Delp Sara J 2-21-1877


Delp Violet Mae 2-20-1966 2-23-1966 Mosgrove, Pa. Erie, Pa. 68

R. W. Moore Husband - Farmon Delp Father- Phillip Byers Mother- Margaret Cloak Died at Hamot Hospital, Erie, Pa.
Delrose George A 12-26-1989
Piney Twp. Clarion Co.,Pa. Sligo, Pa. 76

J. Robert Varner dob 0- 12-1-1913 Spouse - Rachel Wyrich SS# 164-48-4136 Body was cremated

Dengler G. G. 07/04/1887 7/6/1887
Pittsburg, PA 36

6 Rimersburg
Dent Faye L. 2/21/2001 2/23/2001 Sligo, Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa.

Morrison, Oil City, Pa. dob- 1-21-1920 Daughter of Jerry Edgar and Minnie Cook Greenawalt Retired from the Oil city School District in 1982. Mrried 9-6-1947 to Kenneth F. Dent He died 1/0/1989
Sunset Hill Mem. Gardens Gradduated from Sligo High School in 1937
Sons: Larry K. and Ricky F. Dent
Brother: Gail Greenawalt Sister: Veda Marino and Esther Santone
Denton Elizabeth
2-7-1960 2-9-1960 Ellwood, Illinois Asthabula, Ohio 67

R. W. Moore dob 5-22-1892 Husband - John Denton Father- Thomas Brown Mother-Eleanor Jones Died at Asthabula Gen. Hospital
Rimersburg Children: Russell Denton and Mrs. Elva Mathias
Sisters: Mrs. Martha Craven and Mrs. Cora Rutherford
Denton John
2-21-1960 2-24-1960 Clerfield, Pa. Ashtabula, Ohio 71

R. W. Moore dob 3-13-1888 Retired coal miner Wife - Elizabeth Brown Father - Ephrieum Denton Mother - Hannah Jenkins S.S. # 191-05-7292
Rimersburg Son: Russell Denton of Conneaut, Ohio
Daughter: Mrs. Elva Mathias
Brother: William Denton
Sister: Mrs. Lena Neidrick
Dermott N. Grant 12/24/1828 12/26/1928
Madison Twp. 63


S. V. Barr

DeRocher Edna M. 11/25/1962 11/27/1962
Parker, Pa. 75

Brief illness

Bowser Funeral Home, Parker, Pa. Married to Kalre DeRocher of Parker, Pa.

Parker Presbyterian Daughter, Mrs. Paul (Dorothy) Rhea
Son, Henry L. DeRocher
Sister, Mrs. Delmr Beatty
Detwiler Harry R. 6-13-1945 6-16-1945 Clarion Co., Pa. Madison Twp., Clarion Co. 73 1 5

R. W. Moore dob 5-8-17- 1872 Died at Maple Grove, RD , Rimersburg, Pa. Father - Jacob Detwiler Mother - Sarah Barr
Detwiler Jacob
July 30, 1901 August 1, 1901 New Florence PA Rimersburg PA 69 5 7 Heart trouble and dropsy

S V Barr

422 Rimersburg
Detwiler Mrs. Jacob


OLD AGE 030 1

Devilli Romano
9-14-1942 9-19-1942 Austria Huey, Pa. 67 7 15 Heart Failure

R. W. Moore dob 2-1-1875 Single Father - Virgillio Devilli Mother - Maria Maffin Funeral at St. Richards Catholic Church, Rimersburg - East Brady Catholic Cemetery
East Brady, Pa.
DeVinney Harry Y. 6/24/1960 6/27/1960 Pennfield,Clearfield Co., Pa. Knox, Pa. 87

Stuart Funeral Home, Knox, Pa. dob- 5-16-1873 Son of Thomas and Sophia Cardon Devinney Member of the Knox Methodist Church. Died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Glenn (Louise) Hiwiller
Knox Union Children: Bess Kelly, Mrs. Glenn (Louise) Hiwiller, Mrs. Lucille Coyle, Mrs. Mary Adams, Harry and
Robert Devinney A daughter, Mrs. Grace Hill preceded him in death
He was preceded in death by four infant children, a brother and two sisters
Devore Anna Mary 04/19/1942 04/22/1942 PA. PARKER 81


Devore David
05/1942 05/1942 PA. HARWICK, PA.

388 3

Devore David Sr. 01/1929 01/21/1929


DeVore Jno
Dec, 14, 1946 Dec. 16, 1946 Clarion C , Pa. Clarion Co. Home, Sligo, 71 5 5 Cerebral Apoplexy

R. W. moore Born July 9, 1875 Father-David Devore Mother- Annie Herman

Devore John
09/13/1894 09/15/1894 Center Co, PA New Athens 93 3 11 Liver & Kidney Trouble 164.5
J. E. McGuigan yob - 1813 Spouse - Mary Devore
76 Rimersburg
Devore Mary

dob-1821 Spouse - John Devore

Devore Ord Raymond 04/18/1939 04/1939 PA. BUTLER HOSPITAL 28

Accidental burns

DeWalt Fred L. 10/9/1960 10/12/1960 Bradford, Pa. Geneva, Pa. 69

Ill several weeks

dob - 8-3-1891 Son of Jacob and Margaret Shunk DeWalt Cabinetmaker Married Harriett Sloan on 12/21/1920
Espyville, Pa. Dughter: Mrs. Jenne Burk
Sons: Fred S. and David L. DeWalt
Brother: J. H. DeWalt
Sisters: Mrs. Nettie Sloan and Mrs Willard Stover
DeWalt George Homer 10/27/1952 10/29/1952 Clarion Co., Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 64

Heart Attack

Warham - Wilkensburg, Pa. Maintenance Supervisor at Edgar Thompson Steel Mill

West Freedom, Pa. Spouse: Mary Megis DeWalt
Son John DeWalt Daughhter: Mrs. Helen Troy
Sisters: Mrs. LaBrue, Mrs. George Stover, Mrs. S. V. Sloan
Brothers: Harry, Fred and Frank DeWalt



Dibb Dossie Olive 6-18-1977 6-21-1977 Mayport, Pa. R.D. Sligo,Pa. 75

Complete vascular shutdow

Dick E. Kline, Rimersburg white female dob 6-18-1902 Father- James V. Minnich Mother- Vinnie Jane Fleming Protestant SS# 198-18-3040
Dibb John
10-10-1961` 10-13-1961 Streator, Illinois Kittanning, Pa. 69

Ruptured Abdom. Artery

R. W. Moore dob 9-19-1892 Wife - Dossie Minick Father - George Dibb Mother- Elizabeth Lumsalem S.S. # 191-05-7293
Frogtown< Pa Sons: Philip and Robert Dibb Wayne Dibb is deceased
Step-daughter, Mrs.Wilbur (Helen) Rimer
Sisters: Mrs Grace Killius and Jean Dibb
Dibb Stanley Wayne 12-30-1941 1-2-1942 Red Bank Twp., Clarion Co Madison Twp Clarion Co. 18 5 7 Killed by Train

R. W. Moore dob 7-23-1923 Father - John Dibb Mother - Ethel Bowersox

Frogtown, Pa.
Dickey Jane H. 1869


dob - 1839

Dickey Mary


dob- 1830

Dickey Matilda Agnes 07/27/1929 07/1929



Dickey William H. 1873

dob- 1834

Dickson Edith Lorena 7/19/1960 7/22/1960 9West Monterey, Pa. West Monterey, Pa. 90

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo,Pa. dob- 8-22-1869ter of David and Nancy Jane Truby Williams Married to Joseph Dickson who died in 1818.
West Monterey Son: David LeMoyne Dickson
Daughter: Zulema Dickson
She was preceded in death by four brothers
Diefenderfer Ralph
8/29/1962 9/1/1962 East Brady, Pa. South Gate, California 54

Heart Attack

Married to Mude Morrow Diefenderfer

California Son, Edward Diefenderfer
Daughter, Mrs. Robert (Patricia Louise) Special
Sisters: Mrs. Delbert (Elizabeth) Shakeley and Mrs. Pearl (Frnces) Widger
Diem Charles H. 12/30/1957 1/2/1958 Mifflin, Pa. Oil City Hospital, Pa. 88

dob- 3-20-1869 Son of George and Matilda Landis Diem Married Jessie Cooper 8/3/1892
Sunaset Memorial Park Spn- Dr. Carl Diem of Oil City Daughter- Mrs. John E. (Claire) McCombs of Rouseville
Member of the East Brady Presbyterian Church
Diem Jessie Minerva 1/22/1949 1/25/1949 Bloomfield, Pa. East Brady, Pa. 78

Heart Ailment

Heilman Funeral Home, East Brady,Pa. dob- 4-18-1871 Father: James A. Cooper Mother: Priscilla Cooper Spouse: Charles Diem Married 8/3/1892
Sunset M. Park Franklin,Pa Resided in East Brady on Broad Street for 37 years. Previously lived at Rouseville, Pa.
Son: Dr. Carl Diem of Oil City, Pa.
Daughter: Mrs. John E. McComb of Rouseville
Brothers: Morris, James, George and Clarence Cooper all of Johnstown
Services conducted by Rev. Harold B. Taylor, Pastor of East Brady Presbyterian Church
Diemer Anna J. 6-17-1958 6-20-1958 Porter Twp., Clarion Co. Clarion Co. Home 90

R. W. Moore dob 6-7-1868 Husband - Ed Diemer Father- David McCullough Mother-Lavina McKee

DiGammarino Vince
11-5-1993 11-8-1993 Brady's Bend, Pa. Butler VA Hospital, Pa. 74

J. Robert Varner dob - 9-9-1919 Spouse - Betty Hoover Father - Salvatino DiGammarino Mother - Mary Fortana Vet- WW-2 Army SS# 193-16-3680 Catholic
Rimersburg Son: Kevin M. DiGammarino
Daughters: Mrs. Jodi B. Jack, Mrs. Martin (Lori) Whitmore
Brothers: Joseph, Dominic, Henry, Frank, Tonmy and John DiGammarino
Sisters: Mrs. Carmella Sirich, Mary Evankovich
Dillaman Mary Almira 7/28/1957 7/30/1957 West Monterey, Pa. R.D. Grove City, Pa. 75

Ill six weeks

Donovan Funeral Home, Clintonville dob- 4-30-1882 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennie L. Barger Married George Franklin Dillaman on 10/9/1901. He died in March 1956
West Sunbury Daughters; Mrs. Edward (Florence) Bollinger, Mrs. Arthur (Hazel) Moore and Mrs. Joseph (Helen) Montgomery Sons: Henry, Clarence, Dean, Donald, Charles and Arnold Dillaman
Sisters: Mrs. Manda Johnson, Mrs. Bessie Farringer, Mrs. Ida Gordon and Mrs. Edna Crawford
Brothers: Charles and Oscar Barger Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. H. A. Makell, pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Boyers, Pa., officiating

07/20/1932 07/20/1932 TOBY TWP.


Dills Angelina A. 9-11-1988``

Chandler, AZ. 78

Heart Disease

Bueler Mortuary - Chandler, AZ DIED AT Chandler, Maricopa County, Arizona

Dills Peter Vernon 10-20-1980 10-23-1980
Clarion, Clarion County

Resp. Cardio arrest

Gerald L. Goble, Clarion,Pa. white male

Dinger Eliza Jane 3/22/1954 3/25/1954 Armstrong Co., Pa. Rimersburg, Pa.

Heart attack

Charles D. Alcorn, Hawthorn dob-11-8-1863 Daughter of John and Sarah Michael Yount Married to Emanuel Dinger who died in 1942 Member of the Hawthorn Evangelical United Brethern Church
Hawthorn, Pa. Son- J. Clyde Dinger Daughter: Mrs. Alvy Shick
Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. A. F. Thomas officiating
Dinger John Clyde 9-24-1961 9-27-1961 Mayport, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 75

Pulmonary Edema

R. W. Moore dob 5-3-1886 Merchant Wife - Ruby Catherine Morrison Father- Emanuel Dinger Mother- Jane Yount
Rimersburg Son: Jack Dinger
Daughhter: Mrs Jane Candy
Sister: Lulu Shick
Dinger Martha Delilah 10/21/1959 10/23.1959 Stanton, Pa. Brookville Hospital, Pa. 91

Work Funeral Home, Brookville, Pa. Residence at Knoxdale, Pa. Daughter of John and Martha McSparrin Campbell dob- 2-23-1868 She was one of a family of ten.
Knoxdale One brother - Walter Campbell survives
Dinger Nell Riley 2/3/1949 2/6/1949 Mechanicville,ClarionCo.,Pa. Sligo, Pa. 54

Ill for sereral years

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob-2-28-1895 Father: Curtis C. Riley Mother: Elsie Jane Henry Spouse: Melvin S. Dinger Married 10/2/1919
Sligo Daughters: Mrs. Elsie Hartman, Mrs. Joanne Jones, Bonnie Dinger
Grandson: David Hartman
Sisters: Mrs. Mae Hartman, Mrs. Eva Reigel
Brother: Bird E. Riley Had lived in Sligo about 16 years.
Dinger Rubie C. 11-10-1996 11-14-1996 R.D. New Bethlehem, Pa. Allentown, Pa. 102

Respiratory failure 708
234 Walnut Street Catasauqua,Pa.18032 white female,Plot #3 dob- 10-6-1894 Spouse: J. Clyde Dinger (M- 5-29-1924) Father: Marion Morrison Mother: Caroline Brocious SS# 206-36-4941
Rimersburg Son. Jack C. Dinger
Daughter: Mrs. Guyer (Jane) Candy
Brother: Percy Morrison
Sisters: Hallie Conrad and Pearl Shumaker
Dittman Cora Magdelena 1/11/1962 1/13/1960 St. Petersburg Franklin Hospital, Pa. 70

McKinney Funeral Home, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob- 4-24-1889 Daughter of John C. and Mary George Nevel Member of Reno Methodist Church
St. Petersburg Children: Charles Frederick Dittman, Robert Eugene Dittman and Mrs. Evelyn Deloe
Brother: Albert Leroy Nevel
Dittman Estella F. 5/1/1959 5/3/1959 Callensburg, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 59

Short illness

McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob - 1-1-1900 Daughter of Charles and Charlotte (Hepler) Shaw Married 9/9/1920 to George W. Dittman at Wentling Corners Member of the Foxburg Methodist Church
St. Petersburg Daughter: Pauline A. Dittman
Son: Meredith E. Dittman
Dittman Florence
8/17/1959 8/19/1959


McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. Daughter of Mary Alsbaugh and Peter Hummel Married to Neil Dittman Resided in Monroe
Monroe Children: Charlesa Dittman, Mrs. Mary Garris and Mrs. Ruth Blair
A foster sister Mrs. Sadie Exley
Ditty Elfriede M. 2-20-1985 2-21-1985 Dortmand, Germany 5/05/18 Kokomo, Howard County, In

Aneurysm of the Brain

Ellers Mortuary,Inc. 725 S. Main St. Kokomo, Maiden Name - Stammler

Ditty James Calvin 10/20/1938 10/22/1938 Jefferson Co.,Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 80 5 13 CARCINOMA OF PROSTRATE 189 3 R.W. MOORE dob 5-7-1858 Butcher Wife - Ida Krone Father- William Ditty Mother- Nancy Mohney
Ditty Margaret Frances 10-19-1985 10-22-1985 Sugar Hill, Jefferson Co.,Pa. Clarview Rest Home, Pa. 90

Cardiac Arrest

Dick E. Kline dob 9-18-1895 Husband - William G. Ditty Father- Stephen Hiwiller Methodist Mother- Martha Jane Yates SS# 187-20-4050 Pastor at service- Rev. John C. Cox
Rimersburg Son: William G. Ditty Daughters: Mrs. Daniel (Lois) Kohler, Mrs. Harry (Ruth) Cook (Koch),
Mrs. Dan (Martha) Bloomquist Brothers: Glenn, Harold, Donald Hiwiller Sisters: Mrs. John (Ruth) Kaufman, Mrs. James A. (Esther) Boltz, Mrs Ray (Verna) Brogan
Ditty Susan Ida 6-05-1924 06/07/1924 HARRISBURG PA. RIMERSBURG 65 11 26 MYOCARDITIS DIV. 3

Ditty William
3-28-1921 4-1-1921 Penna. Warren Hospital 94 6 29 Heart Disease

C. B. Stewart Rev. R. K. Atchison and Rev. William McLean held the services.

Ditty William G. 09/19/1943 09/21/1943 CADILLAC MICHIGAN PITTSBURG
1 4 Cerebral Hemmorage

Divener Amy


Divener Elizabeth


DOB 11-16-1834

Divener Fred


DOB 1834

Divener Sammie A 5-2-1893

6 6


Son of H.E. Divener

Divens Blanche E. 1-1-1971 1-2-1971
Pine Twp., Mercer Co., Pa

broncho pneumonia

Dick E. Kline

1 Rimersburg
Divens Melissa Lyn "Fred" 2/28/2001 3/2/2001 Brookville, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 31

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg, Pa. dob- 7-15-1969 Daughter of Thomas W. and Shala B. Murray Divens

West Freedom Brother: T. Barry Divens Sister: Kimberly Hinderliter
Services were held from the Sligo Chape with the Rev. Larry C. Piper, pastor of the Sligo Chapel
Divens Tillie Vogel 1/29/1958 2/1/1958 Piney Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Sligo, Pa. 85

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, pa. dob- 6-15-1872 Daughter of George and Mary Fern Vogel Married Charles Divens Mr. Divens died in 1900. Member of the Sligo Church of the Nazarene
Sligo Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilda Baker
Daughters; Mary and Esther Divens Preceded in death by a daughter, Sylvia
Sons: Paul, Charles and Woodrow Divens
Divins Brooks
5/16/1959 5/18/1959 Monroe Twp.,Clarion Co., Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 47

dob- 9-20-1911 Son of Merle and Nellie Shoemaker Divins Married to Freda Blair Member of Rimersburg Associate Presbyterian Church
Squirrel Hill Daughter: Mrs. Danna Weaver
Sons: Marry and Gary Divins
Brothers: James and Gerald Divins
Sisters: Larue Greenly, Mrs. Bernice Fox, Mrs. Emma Jean Applegate and Mrs. Grace Elder
Divins David Merle 4/1/1961 4/3/1961 Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 81

dob- 9-20-1879 Son of James and Caroline Phillips Divins Married in 1900 to Nellie Shoemaker Formerly lived with his daughter, Mrs. LaRue Greenly of Clarion Former Sligo resident
Baptist-Leatherwood Sons: James K. Divins and Jerold S. Divins
Daugghters: Mrs. John (Grace) Elder, Mrs. William (Bernice) Fox and Mrs. Edward (Emogene)
Applegate A daughter, Lauretta, preceded him in death
Divins Isaih H. 3-25-1960 3-27-1960 Monroe Twp. Clarion Co. Rimersburg, Pa. 87

R. W. Moore dob 2-9-1873 Retired farmer Married- Blanche Alexander on 6-28-1904 Son of William and Nancy Ditty Divinsns
Rimersburg Son - Arthur Divins
Sisters: Mrs. Maude Coyle and Mrs. Pearl Baldwin
Divins John
Nov. 18, 1908 20 Pennsyvania Pennsyvania

Typhoid Fever

Owen C. Menedith

613 Rimersburg
Divins Marcella
1-5-1990 1-8-1990 Perry Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Punxsutawney, Pa. 79

J. Robert Varner dob - 4-25-1910 Spouse - Charles V. Divins Father- Pacifico Lazzarine Mother - Victoria Zuliane SS# 185-50-9515 Married 2-23-1929
Sliigo Son: Charles E. Divins
Daughters: Mrs. Mary Irene Saunders, Mrs. Betty Joanne Harland
Brothers: Louis and Reno Lazzerine
Divins Mary L. 4-19-1986 4-21-1986 Huey, Clarion Co., Pa. Huey, Pa. 73

Carcinoma od Pancreas

Dick E. Kline dob 2-12-1913 Father- Louis Labino Mother- Mary Fiorina Catholic Buried at Catholic Cemetery in Brady Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa.
St. Eusebius
Divins Melisa Lyn "Fred" 2/28/2001 3/2/2001 Brookville, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 31

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg,Pa. dob- 7-15-1969 Daughter of Thomas W. and Shala B. Murray Divins Attended Sligo Chapel
West Freedom Brother: T. Barry Divins Sister: Kimberly Hinderliter
Services were held at the Sligo Chapel with the Larry C. Piper officiating
Divins Thomas W. "Toad" 11/19/2001 11/21/2001 Rimersburg, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 63

Brief illness

Hillis Funeral Home, Rimersburg, Pa. dob- 3-27-1938 Son of Thomas Woodrow and June Pauline Simpson Divins Maried 11/3/1962 to Shala B. Murray
West Freedom Son: Thomas B. Divins
Daughter: Kimberly J. Hinderliter, Melissa L. Divins died 2/28/2001
Brothers: Richard and Dennis Divins
Divins Tillie Vogel 1/29/1958 1/31/1958 Piney Twp.,Clarion Co., Pa. Sligo, Pa. 85

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob- 6-15-1872 Daughter of George and Mary Fern Vogel Married to Charles Divins who died in 1900. Member of Sligo Nazarene Church
Sligo Sons: Paul , Charles and Woodrow Divins Daughters: Mary and Esther Divins and Mrs. Wilda
Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilda Baker
Divins Woodrow
12-28-1989 12-31-1989 Sligo, Pa. Sligo, Pa. 73

J. Robert Varner dob - 3-20-1916 Spouse - June P. Simpson Father - Charles Divins Mother - Tillie Vogel SS# 191-05-7926 Vet- Army WW-2 71st Inft.
Sligo Sons- Thomas (Toad), Richard B., Dennis L. Divins
Brother - Howard Divins
Sister: Wilda Baker
Divorz Annie
March 30, 1902 April 1, 1902 Ohio Red Bank Ice Coke Yard
Heart trouble 1000
Vin Barr Mrs.
444 Rimersburg
Dixon John (Jack) Clifford 2-21-1995 2-24-1995 Springdale, Pa. Clarion Hospital,Pa. 72

Richard D. Hillis dob - 10-16-1922 Spouse: Anna Marie Bongiovinni Father: Arthur Dixon Mother: Jennie Cremley Coal Miner
Rural Valley, Pa. Son:John J. Dixon Dauighter: Maryann Miller Brothers: Henry, Edward Dixon
Sisters: Wyra Snow, Violet Leksell, Betty Cogley, Dorothy Pearce, Violet Thompson
Dixon Raymond Earl 2/6/1965 2/9/1965 Porter Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Brookville Hospital,Pa. 70

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob - 10-31-1894 Son of Harry E. and Sarah Jane Smith Dixon Married to Nildred Married to Mildred McNaughton on 5/10/1952 Member of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
Mt. Zion Daughters, Mrs. Williard (Leanore) Murdock and Mrs. Harold (Chelcie) Logon
Brother- Edward Dixon
Sisters, Mrs. Robert (Mabel) Kline, Mrs. Arthur (Iona) Botzer
Dixon Sarah Jane 7/24/1951
Clarion County, Pa. R.D. Sligo, Pa. 78

dob- 12-24-1872 Father: J. Adam Smith Mother: Philistia Smith Spouse: Harry E. Dixon Married 2/11/1892 Celebrated their 59th Anniversary this year.

Sons: Raymond and Edwin Smith Daughters: Mrs. Arthur Botzer and Mrs. Robert Kline
Brother: Amos M. Smith Five sisters: Mrs. O. E. Barlett, Mrs. John Summerville, Mrs. Earl Haines, Mrs. N. A. Boodmacher and Mrs. Dale Furlong
Dixon William O. Mar. 26, 1955 March 30, 1955 Clarion Co. New Castle, Pa. 92

R. W. Moore Birthdate - Sept. 17, 1862 Father - James Dixon Mother - Lavina Over

Dixon William Over 3/26/1955 3/30/1955 Piney Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa.

R. W. Moore, Rimersburg dob- 9-17-1862 Spouse Nancy Hook Dixon She died in 1939 Clarion Co. Trearurer 1928-1932 Farmer Member Clarion Lutheran Church
Oak Grove Son: J. M. Dixon Daughters: Mrs. H. E. Burford, Mrs. J. N. Billman, Mrs. Blanche Burford, Mrs. T. W. Mooney and Mrs. Thomas Hamm A foster son- S. N. Weaver
Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. Dale Soderberg of Clarion and the Rev. John Miller of New Bethlehem in charge.
Dobbs Lorena M. 9/6/1964 9/8/1964 St. Petersburg, Pa. St. Petersburg, Pa. 83

Karle McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob - 10-19-1880 Daughter of John and Mary Goughler Dittman Married to Ernest Dittman who died in 1954
St. Petersburg
Dobez John
07/06/1922 07/06/1922 MANOR TWP. MANOR TWP.


Dolby Mary Doretha 8-14-1984 8-17-1984 Born 4-17-1929 9274 Palmer Rd. North Eas

Bowers, North East,Pa. 16428 white female

Dolida Bessie Della 9-8-1960 9-11-1960 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 60 5 18

J. D. Miller dob - 3-20-1900 Husband - Ernest E. Solida Father - John P. Switzer Mother - Orpha Mae Stanford
Dolza Casper
11-16-1942 11-20-1942 Italy Huey, Pa. 58 6 6

R. W. Moore dob 5-10-1884 Wife - Seconda Dolza Father - Carlo Dolza Mother- Felicia Garalla
East Brady
Donaldson Clara Anna 4-16-1988 4-18-1988 Rimersburg, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 89


J. D. Miller Birthdate - 5-4-1898 Died at Suburban Hospital, Allegheny Co. Pa. Spouse- Herbert Charles Donaldson Father- William Albert Steltzer Mother- Nancy J. Vale
Rimersburg School Teacher- Married at Brookville 6-21-1919 Husband died in 1962
Sisters: Mrs. Elva Wall, Irene Elizabeth Steltzer
Brothers: George, John Russell, James Leslie, William Lawrence Steltzer
Donaldson Herbert C. 12-12-1962 12-18-1962 Armstrong Co., Pa. Sarasota, Fla. 75

J. D. Miller Wife - Clara Steltzer Father - James Donaldson Mother - Lola McDowell

Rimersburg Brothers, Clyde, John and Harry Donaldson
Sdisters, Mrs. William (Helen) McGardey, Mrs. Jay (Olive) Brenneman and Mrs. Roy (Mary) Chase
Donhiser Elvaretta
01/05/1940 01/08/1940 PA. RIMERSBURG 80 8 11 ORGANIC HEART DISEASE

Donhiser John
3/12/1952 3/14/1952 Rimersburg, Pa. Fredericksburg, Va.

Mateer, New Bethlehem, Pa. dob- 2-23-1885 Father: John P. Donhiser Mother: Elveretta Mortimer Donhiser Spouse: Teressa Lang
New Bethlehem Sons: James and John Donhiser
Daughters; Mrs. Mary Venetta and Catherine Donhiser
Services were held at the New Bethlehem Methodist Church .
Donhiser Ralph Lafayette 9-8-1973 9-11-1973 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Clarion Co., Pa. 82 6 5 Massive coronary

James D. Miller, Rimersburg white male dob - 3-3-1892 Wife - Viola D. Black Father - John P. Donhiser Mother - Elvaretta Mortimer SS# 165-28-4137 Novelty Store Owner
Donhiser Twila Dugilda 4-15-1986 4-8-1986 Rimersburg, Pa. Leeper, Pa. 76

Cardio-pulmonry arrest

J. D. Miller Birthdate 11-1-1909 Husband- Ralph Donhiser Father - Edward F. Black Died at Star Route - Leeper- Farmington Twp., Pa. Mother - Edna C. Stitt
Rimersburg Daughter= Mrs. Earl (Alma M.) Berlin Brothers- Raymond, Harold Black
Sisters: Mrs. Caroline Boltz, Mrs. Edna Lucas Sister deceased - Mrs. Alma Wiles
Donley Genevieve Rossman 4/30/1958 5/3/1958 Knox, Pa. New Kensington, Pa. 45

Long illness

dob- 8-6-1912 Daught dob - 8-6-1912 dob - 8-6-1912 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Rossman Former school teacher at Bradys Bend Member of St. Joseph's R.C. Church of New Kensington
St. Eusebius=East Brady Married to James T. Donley
Daughters - Betty Irene Donley and Patricia Anne Donley
Son - James T. Donley, Jr.
Donohoe Thomas E. 5-26-1979 5-29-1979 Windber, Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 51 1 6

James D. Miller dob - 4-20-1928 Wife - Elizabeth G. Chapman Father - Thomas E. Donohoe Mother - Mary Ellen Shake SS# 196-20-9633 Councelor in Childrens home
D'Orsay Louise
Born March 4,1914 Fairwinds Manor, Butler C 79

metastatic carcinoma ova

Richard Richmond, Freeport, Pa.

Dotterer Bertha Rose 4/2/1965 4/7/1965 Sugarcreek, Twp.,Venango Co. St. Petersburg, Pa. 81


Criswell Funeral Home, Emlenton, Pa. dob - 1-27-1883 Daughter of James and Ellen Hollman White Married 3/16/1904 to Wilford Dotterer
Big Bend, Emlenton Sons; Kenneth, Leroy, Earl, Donald, Eugene, Howard and Harold
Daughters, Mrs. Stuart (Eleanor) Taylor and Mrs. Walter (Vivian) Rogge
Brother, Charles Leonard White
A daughter, Mrs. Ruth Shaw, and a granddaughter preceded her in death
Dotterer Helen M. 2-23-1994 2-26-1994 Sugarcreek Twp. Venango Co. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 72

Richard D. Hillis dob - 7-4-1921 Spouse: James Earl Dotterer Father: Eleary B. Patterson Mother: Ida M. Perry Buried at R.D. Emlenton, Venango Co.,Pa.
Big Bend Son: James Earl Dotterer, Jr.
Sister: Mrs. Marjorie Danielson
Douthett Roy Allen 1-1-1993 1-4-1993 Brownsdale, Pa. Franklin Hospital,Pa. 77

J. Robert Varner dob - 7-8-1915 Spouse: Alverda E. Kline Father: Troy Douthett Mother: Gertrude Witherup SS# 193-01-5540 U.C.C. Buried at Wentling Conners, Pa.
Mt. Joy Son: William P. Douthett
Brothers: Brown and Frank Douthett - both deceased
Sisters: Sarah Jane Hindman, Petsy Fleeger
Doutt Ella Mae 12-27-1989 12-31-1989 Rimersburg, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 84

Myocardial Infarction

Dick E. Kline dob 8-26-1905 Father- John Addison Carmichael Mother- Mary Miller SS# 192-32-5016 Methodist Husband- Carl Doutt Buried at Sndy Creek Twy. Venango Co., Pa.
Old Sandy
Doverspike Iola Rosse Bashline 3/24/1996 3/27/1996 Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Summerville, Pa. 88

Alcorn Funeral Home, Hawthorn, Pa. dob- 3-22-1908 Daughter of Franklin and Emma Myers Bashline Retired school teacher at Redbank Valley High Member of Curllsville Methodist Church Grove City Colle Grad.
Hawthorn Son: Rev. Dr. Keith M. Doverspike Lon Franklin Doverspike deceased
Daughter: Barbara Michael
Sisters: Ethel McCall and Hazel McCall
Brothers: Dr. McClellan, Quincy, Jay and Byrd Bashline
Downing Melissa Lynn
Children's Hosp.,Pittsbur 1


Charles B Buechele lived 1 year 3 months
172 Rimersburg
Downs Amanda Stuart 1939


yob - 1845

Cherry Run U. P.
Downs Elizabeth


dob - 1816 Spouse: Thomas Downs

Downs Infant Girl

Daughter of J. R. & Martha Downs

Downs Joseph


yob - 1816

Cherry Run U. P.
Downs Martha
Aug 6, 1917

S.V. Barr

818 Rimersburg
Downs Minnie
04/04/1933 04/06/1933



Downs Nancy


dob - 9-25-1823 Spouse - Joseph Downs

Cherry Run U. P.
Downs Robert Grier M/Sgt. 6/16/1955 6/21/1955 Curllsville, Pa. Gulf of Mexico


Goble, Clarion,Pa. dob- 12-30-1919 Son of Grier Robert and Cyvilla Lerch Downs Served in Korean War Drowned while fishing Spouse; Willivene McCall
Clarion Son: Robert Grier Daughters: Pamely Lynn and Debra Kay
Sisters: Mrs. Elverda Kindel and Mrs. Marie Myers
Downs Rozella
2/6/1949 2/9/1949 Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. 77 10 6 Lingering illness

dob - 3-31-1871

Squirrell Hill Member of Jeruselum Evangelicasl Church

Member of Evangelical and Reformed Church
Services were held in the church by Rev. H. R. Lequear, Pastor
Survived by: brothers: Ross and Homer Downs Sisters: Mrs. Mary Etta Burford, Miss Lola Downs, Miss Blanche Downs
Downs Sarah


dob - 1780 Spouse- Thomas Downs

Downs Thomas


dob-1784 Spouse: Sarah Downs

Downs William Guthrie 1933


yob - 1843

Cherry Run U. P.
Downs William T. 1869

yob - 1869

Cherry Run U. P.
Drayer Clarence (Cpl.) E. 4/26/1946 2/1949 Sligo, Pa. Honshu, Japan


Stewart, Rimersburg Parents: Mr. and Mrs Clarence E. Drayer

Clarion He served in the U>S> Army with Battery A, 63rd Field Artillery
Services were held at the Sligo Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon with Rev. J. C. Himes of Rimersburg Wesleyen Methodist Church and the Rev. L. W. Chelton of the Sligo Methodist Church officiating
Drayer Harry James 3-10-1987 3-12-1987
Warren, Pa. 94

Heart Disease

J. D. Miller Birthdate 12-25-1892 Died at Warren General Hospital

Drayer James Allen 7-25-1992 7-29-1992 Brookville, Pa. Mercer, Pa. 34


Richard D. Hillis Birthdate 9-12-1957 Died at United Community Hospital, Pine Twp., Mercer Co., Pa. Father: Hardee E. Drayer Mother: Louise J. Bowser Shift Supv. Clarion University
Rimersburg Sister: Mrs. Randy (Patricia J) Keeling
Drayer Robert James 4-23--1967` 2-26-1967 Oak Ridge, Clarion Co., Pa, Clarion Hospital, Pa. 38 3 24

J. D. Miller dob - 12-29-1938 Wife - Lois Haines Father - Charles C. Drayer Mother - Rosie Schrecengost
Dressler Adolph "Heinie" 2/20-1951 2/23/1951 Allegheny Co.,Pa. Wilkensburg, Pa. 63

Heart Attack

Spouse: Nellie G. Simpson Dressler Served as Penna. State Trooper for over 40 years.
Rimersburg Along with other troopers, he had been living at the Powers Hotel in Rimersburg in the early 1900's.
Dressler William (Infant) H 01/29/1907 01/29/1907 Madison Township Madison Township

1 Hydrocephoeus

580 Rimersburg
Drummand Ester
11/20/1915 11/21/1915


S.V. Barr

Duane Thomas P. 1/13/1960 1/15/1960 Bradys Bend, Pa. Butler, Pa. 90

Short ilness

Geibel Funeral Home, Butler, Pa. Son of John and Ellen Gainey Duane, Married Mary Dorcey Duane Retired employee of Penna Railroad Member of St. Pauls R.C. Church in Butler
Calvary Daughters: Margaret and Elizabeth Duane and Mrs. Marlin (Ellen) O'Mahony
Sister: Elizabeth Duane
Dummerville Donald F. 10-7-1986 10-10-1986
Butler Hospital 73

Cardio respiratory arrest

J. D. Miller Birthdate 5-28-1913

Duncan Ada
5-21-1975 5-24-1975 Rimer Hill, Pa. Brackenridge, Pa. 88 11 28

James D. Miller dob - 5-23-1886 Husband - Ralph W. Duncan Father - Aaron Crowe Mother - Jane Anthony
Duncan Flora Ellen 9-9-1995 9-12-1995 Madison Twp.Armstrong Co.,Pa. Clarview Rest Home 87

Richard D. Hillis dob- 2-2-1908 Spouse: Vern Charles Duncan Father: Royal Clemens Hetrick Married 10-3-1927 at Erie, Pa. Buried in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa.
Duncan Son: David Vern Duncan Daughters: Mrs. Ella Rupp, Mrs. Nellie Smith, Mrs. Royd (Vivian)
McKay Sister: Violet Hetrick
Duncan Gladys Claire 7-12-1986` 7-15-1986 Oak Ridge,Armstrong Co.,Pa. Franklin Hospital,Pa. 85

Richard D. Hillis dob - 11-5-1900 Spouse - James O. Duncan Father - William Hetrick Mother - Mae Turner
Kellersburg Sons- Fred, Gary W. Duncn Daughters- Mrs. Alvin L. (Louave) Hopper, Mrs. Burton (June) Flick Yarnell, Mrs. James (Willovene) Steiner
Brother - Rev. Paul Hetrick Deceased- Fred,Boyd, Steven Sister- Mrs. J.C. (Bernice) Himes
Duncan H. Gale 5-7-1965 5-13-1965 Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa. Widnoon, Pa. 51 1 23 Natural causes

J. D. Miller dob - 3-14-1914 Farmer Father - Herbert Duncan Mother - Martha M. Crissman S# 201-01-7196 Buried in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa.
Duncan Sister, Mrs. Paul (Rosetta) Buzard
Brothers; Loyal E. and Vern C. Duncan
Duncan James O. Sr. 5/22/2001 5/25/2001 Huey, Pa. Presby. Hosp. Pittsburgh 81

McKinney Funeral Home, Brookville dob- 6-4-1919 Son of Jacob A. and Elsie E. McGuire Duncan Retired rural mail carrier. Vet. W.W. II Member of U. Methodist Church in Brookville
Sligo First married to Mildred L. Guntrum who died 11/16/1980 He then married Catherine "Caddy"
Newhouse Duncan
Son- James O. Duncan, Jr. of Rimersburg
Daughter-Mrs. Ronald (Janie) Corbett of Clarion
Services were held at the funeral home with the Rev. Dennis Henley, officiating
Duncan James O'Donald 8-5-1986 8-8-1986 Widnoon, Pa. Clarview Rest Home 86

Medulary failure

Richard D. Hillis dob - 6-1-1900 Spouse - Gladys C. Hetrick Father - John Duncan Mother - Floda Hooks Coal Miner SS# 101-05-7291
Kellersburg Sons: Gary W. & Fred Duncan Daughters: Mrs. Alvin (Louave) Hopper, Mrs. Burton (June) Flick Yarnall, Mrs. James (Willovene) Steiner Brothers: Royd, Jacob, John Duncan
Sisters: Mrs. Annie McKay, Infant-Ganell Duncan
Duncan Loyal Earl 10-18-1966 10-21-1966 Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. Widnoon, Pa. 67 1 13

J. D. Miller dob - 8-31-1899 Wife - Della Craig Father - Herbert F. Duncan Mother - Matilda Crissman SS# 205-36-3121
Duncan Lyda Clare 10-30-1983 11-2-1983 Ohl,Jefferson Co., Pa. R.D. Templeton, Pa. 78

Richard D. Hillis dob - 4-5-1905 Husband - Thomas T. Duncan Father - Morris Spare Mother - Emma Spangler SS# 194-36-1202 Daughter - Mrs. Charles (Donna) Condron
Duncan Martha Matilda 1-11-1957 1-14-1957 Armstrong Co., Pa. R.D. Mahoning, Pa. 79 4 27

J. D. Miller dob 8-14-1877 Husband - Herbert S. Duncan Father- Phillip Crissman Mother - Caroline Unger Buried at M<adison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.
Duncan Martin R. 3-7-1982 3-10-1982 Madison Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarion Hospital,Pa. 87

Richard D. Hillis dob - 9-23-1894 Wife - Ruth E. Melquist Father - Wilbur Duncan Mother - Roseann Craig Farmer & gas well driller SS# 193-01-2054 Vet - WW-2 -= Army
Duncan Son- Richard A. Duncan Daughters - Mrs. David L. (Roseann) Walter, Jr.
Mrs. Richard A. (Judith) Philon
Duncan Ralph Wesley 9/30/1959 10/2/1959 Madison Twp.,Armstrong Co.,Pa R.D. Mahoning, Pa. 72 8 22

J. D. Miller, Rimersburg, Pa. don - 1-8-1882 Son of Wilbert M. and Rose Ann Craig Duncan Retired coal miner Married Ada Crowe
Tidal Daughters: Mrs. Alf (Marie) Slagle, Mrs. C. E. (Glenna Mae) Green and Mrs. George (Rosie Jane) Harris
Sons: Wilbert T., Herman L., J. Wesley and David R. Duncan
Sister: Mrs. D. E. (Nannie) Collingwood
Brothers: H. Lee, D. Emery, Thomas T. , Martin R and Frank A. Duncan.
Duncan Thomas Avrill 8-18-1958 8-21-1958 Armstrong Co., Pa. Butler, Pa. 49 5 8 Shock left leg amputated

J. D. Miller dob - 3-10-1909 Father - Ralph W. Duncan Mother- Ada Crowe Buried at Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.
Duncan Thomas Thort 2-2-1961 2-4-1961 Madison Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. R.D. Mahoning, Pa. 72 11 15

J. D. Miller dob - 2-15-1888 Wife - Lyda Space Father - Wilbur M. Duncan Mother - Roseann Craig Buried in Armstrong Co., Pa.
Duncan Daughter: Mrs. Charles (Donna Belle) Condron
Sister: Mrs. Delyn (Nannie) Collingwood
Brothers: Emery D., Frank, Lee and Martin Duncan
Duncan Vern Charles 2-10-1991 2-13-1991 Madison Twp. Armstrong Co.Pa R.D. Templeton, Pa. 85

7 month illness

Richard D. Hillis dob - 10-23-1905 Spouse: Flora Ellen Hetrick Father: Herbert F. Duncan Mother: Martha Matilda Crissman Farmer & St. Charles brickyard
Duncan Son: David Vern Duncan Dughters: Mrs. Jack (Virginia C.) Lorenz, Mrs. Elmer (Oauline L.) Bliss, Mrs. John (June E.) Elliott, Jr.
Dunkel Helen P. 9-27-1982 9-29-1982 Born 5-15-1912 Armstrong Hospital, Armst

Cardiac arrest

James D. Miller, Rimersburg,Pa. white female

Dunkle Barton T. 3/27/1957 3/30/1957 Butler Co., Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 64

Son of Oliver and Anna Rhea Dunkle Married to Jessie Hogue Dunkle

Greenlawn-Mt. Chestnut Sons; Loyal, Kenneth, Charles, John and Cloyd Dunkle
Daughters; Violet and Ruth Dunkle
Services were held from the Karns City Church of God with the Rev. Hubert Bowser, officiating
Dunkle Ermadeane
4-16-1994 4-19-1994 Reynoldsville, Pa. Indiana Hosp., Pa. 79

Richard D. Hillis dob - 6-17-1914 Spouse: Edwin M. Dunkle Father: Otto Lindenpitz Mother: Emma Mohney Buried in the Mausaleum
Rimersburg Sister: Mrs. Daniel (Mary L.) Rider, Aldean Anthony, Verna Over
Brother: Orval Lindenpitz
Dunkle Ethyl M. 6/26/1965

Philadelphia, Pa. 75

Lingering illness

dob - 9-15-1889 Married to John W. Dunkle who died in 1947 Affiliated with the Methodist church

Daughters; Mrs. Cora Wooluin, Mrs. Eva Singleton and Mrs. Eretta Wood
Dunkle Helen Irene 11/13/1940 11/14/1940 PA. MADISON TWP.


Dunkle Helen P. 9-27-1982 9-29-1982 Emlenton, Pa. East Brady, Pa. 70

Richard D. Hillis dob - 5-15-1912 Husband - Willard R. Dunkle Father - Clyde Love Hallas Mother - Sara Ann Smith SS# 162-22-4550
Rimersburg Son: Thomas E. Singer Daughters:Mrs. Bruce (Lillian) Walters, Mrs. Edward (Patricia) Matanin, Mrs. Thomas (Helen) Lewis, Mrs. Carl (Rosella) Pazzadon
Sister - Mrs. Leona Ruth
Dunkle Ida Ruth 11/12/1960 11/15/1960 Clarion Co.,Pa. Callensburg, Pa. 68

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo dob - 9-3-1892 Daughter of George E. and Mary Fox Switzer Married 9/1/1909 to Harry R. Dunkkle Member of Callensburg Church of God
Callensburg Sons: Edward and John Dunkle
Sister: Mrs. Elnora Haldeman
Dunkle Iva May 6/28/1961 7/1/1961 Callensburg, Pa. St. Petersburg, Pa. 79

Lingering illness

McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob - 8-23-1881 Daughter of James and Elizabeth Keister Kunkle Married in Parker on 11/1/1937 to Edward Lee Dunkle
Monroe Sons: Floyd L. Edinger and Fred Edinger
Brothers: Perry Clarence and Monroe Kunkle
Sisters: Mrs Maud Garmer and Mrs. Tillie Best
Dunkle John Elwood 02/13/1945 02/16/1945 PARKERS LANDING CALLENSBURG 74 6 19

Dunkle Joseph

DOB: 1846

Old Concord
Dunkle Marcella
07/20/1928 07/1928


Dunkle Mary Elizabeth 8-2-1955 8-5-1955 Clarion Co., Pa. Clarion, Pa. 84 8 15

J. D. Miller dob - 11-17-1870 Husband- John E. Dunkle Father- William Corbett Mother- Nancy Logue Died at Watson Conv. Home
Rimersburg Sister: Alice E. Stitt
Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. Mervin Schwab officiating
Dunkle Mary M 11-24-1864


DOB 4-8-1807 wife of Jacob Painter

Old Concord
Dunkle Michael

DOB 1770

Old Concord
Dunkle Minnie Pearl 11/18/1944 11/21/1944 CLARION CO. MADISON TWP.

362 3 C.B. STEWART

Dunkle Mrs. Peter
9-28-1902 9-30-1902 Clarion, Pa. Sligo, Pa. 71 5
Cancer 1034
D. H. Neil

Dunkle Olive B. 3/5/2003 3/8/2003 Madison Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Shippenville, Pa. 79

Robert V. Burns, Clarion, Pa. dob - 5-26-1923 Daughter of William C. and Minnie P. Ramsey Dunkle

Rimersburg Sons; Richard A. Giles, Merle Keith Giles, Kevin W. Dunkle
Daughters; Carol A. VanKirk, Sharon Ballentine and Barbara J. Jones
Deceased- a son, Larry E. Giles
Brothers; Harry and William Dunkle
Sisters; Sara Tober, Helen Dunkle and Viola Flick
Dunkle Peter M 11-17-1901
Callensburg PA Sligo PA 75 1 17 Complication of diseases 1034
D H Neil Sligo PA Civil War Vet. A.103rd Pvt. Pa. Vol. Served 3 years
432 Rimersburg
Dunkle Phillip Lester 3/14/1960 3/17/1960 Callensburg, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 74

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo dob- 7-25-1885 Son of George B. and Marcella Ann Courson Dunkle Married Cora D. Vogel

Son: Edward
Daughter: Mrs. Jesse (Genevieve) Buzzard
Brother- George Dunkle
Dunkle Robert Leroy 11/16/196- 11/19/1960

Thompson-Paul, Butler Marriedf to Audrey Kean Dunkle Son of Dr. J. M. Dunkle of Mars

Butler Mem. Park Sons: Robert and John Dunkle
Daughters: Katie and Lynn Dunkle
Dunkle Sarah

Dau of J. & M. Dunkle. (Year is unreadable)

Old Concord
Dunkle Susanna

Wife of Michael Dunkle (stone unreadable)

Old Concord
Dunkle William Cunelius 10-24-1974 10-26-1974 Piney Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Rimersburg 80

Coronary thrombosis
3 Dick E.Kline,Rimersburg white male dob 11-12-1893 Father- Ruben M. Dunkle Mother- Sarah Catherine Thomas Died at Olive Dubkle res. Retired miner SS# 191-05-7295
Dunlap Charles Lash 6-20-1942 6-22-1942 Homestead, Pa. Licking Twp., Clarion Co. 42 0 7 Fractured Skull

R. W. Moore dob 6-13-1900 Wife - Pearl Pontius Father - Marc Dunlap Mother - Carrie Lask Mechanic -
Callensburg, Pa.
Dunlap James B 1922


DOB 1862

Dunlap James R. 4-25-1993 4-28-1993 Perry Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 87

J. Robert Varner dob - 5-10-1905 Spouse - Lottie Heeter Father - James B. Dunlap Mother - Zelda Stewart Owned Feed Store & Music Store in Callensburg
Callensburg Sons: John and James Dunlap
Daughters: Mrs. Robert (June) Myers
Brothers: Harry and Allen Dunlap
Sisters: Jean Sedgwick, Marjorie Clouse, Lydia Botts, Mirian Dunlap (Infant)
Dunlap Jane

DOB 1790 buried with dau Margaret ( rest unreadabl

Old Concord
Dunlap Jane


Wife of John Dunlap (stone unreadable)

Old Concord
Dunlap John
4/11/1961 4/13/1961 Parker, Pa. Parker, Pa.

Bowser Funeral Home, Parker, Pa.

St. Michael's-Emlenton Sisters: Mrs. Thomas (Jennie) Jackson and Mrs. Alice McGuire
Brother- George A. Dunlap
Dunlap John

Old Concord
Dunlap Lavinia


nee Slaghenhaupt DOB 1-26-1829

Dunlap Maude L. 12/15/1960 12/17/1960
Perryville, Pa. 90

Lingering illness

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo dob - 7-2-1870 Daughter of Peter and Harriet Wilson Latshaw Member of the Perryville Methodist Church Married to George M. Dunlap who died in 1915
Perryville Daughters: Mable and Bernice Dunlap
Dunlap Mirian E 11-15-1898


DOB 11-14-1898 dau of J. B. & Z. A. Dunlap

Dunlap Paul Bryan 9/13/1960 9/16/1960 Banks Twp.Indiana Co., Pa. New Castle, Pa.

Brief illness

Donovan Funeral Home, Clintonville,Pa dob- 6-6-1897 Methodist Pastor. Son of James G. and Carolina B. Whittier Dunlap Married to Mary Todd Dunlap . She died in 1943 Left the Sligo community in 1957
Hillsdale,Indiana Co. Daughhter: Pulette Dunlap
Sisters: Mrs. J. L. (Alice) Mottern, Mrs. Mary Shields and Mrs. Harvey (Tirza) Steffey
Brother: Jesse Dunlap
Dunlap Samuel S 5-26-1897

on stone: In the 75th year of his age (Born 1822)

Dunlap Sarah

Born 1815 wife of Isaac Dunlap, buried across the

Old Concord
Dunlap Zelda A 1920
Born 12-3-1867


nee Stewart, wife of James B. Dunlap daughter of Allen Stewart and Lydia Males Stewart
Dunlaps W. Jean 6-8-1998
Born Sept.18,1937 N.W.Med. Center, Franklin

respiratory failure

David McCate

Dunmyre George A. 6/10/1958 6/13/1958 Allegheny Co., Pa. Chicora, Pa. 70

Heart Attack

Vensel Funeral Home, Chicora dob- 8-1-1887 Son of Edward and Sarah Kennedy Dunmyre Established the Dunmyre Motor Express in 1930
Hemphill Sons: George A., Jr., James E., Kenneth R., and Robert L. Dunmyre
Daughters: Mrs. Harry (Alice) Foringer, Mrs. Clark ( Anna) Redick, Mrs. Thomas (Helen) Butler,Mrs. Henry (Gladys) Lattanzi, Mrs. Kenneth (Jean) Collier
Brothers: Edward, Thomas, William, Charles Dunmyre
Sisters: Mrs. Love George, Mary Dunmyre and Mrs. Charles (Irene) Bowers
Dunn Allen


dob-1805 Spouse- Elizabeth Dunn

Dunn Elizabeth

dob-1811 Spouse - Allen Dunn

Dunn Ella M. 1932

dob - 1860 Spouse - Jerry Dunn

Dunn Frances Elenora 1908 ?

602 Rimersburg
Dunn Heziah B. 08/25/1931 08/28/1931 CLARION CO. RIMERSBURG PA. 79 10 4 APPOPLEXY

Dunn Jerry

dob - 1850 Spouse - Ella M. Dunn

Dunn Mary
02/08/1908 02/11/1908 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 86 6 7 cerebral hemorhage

T. T. Meredith

599 Rimersburg
Dunn Mina Candace 04/06/1934 04/09/1934 CLARION CO. RIMERSBURG 74 5 15 CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE


Dunn Rachel Isabell 10-4-1944 10-6-1944 Clarion Co., Pa. Piney Twp., Clarion Co. 83
29 Chronic Myocarditis

R. W. Moore dob 9-5-1861 Father - James Dunn Mother - Ellen Yates Died and buried at Clarion County Home, Sligo, Pa.

Durfee Johanna
March 9, 1911 March 10, 1911 Not known Rimersburg 82
14 Apoplexy m e S.V. Barr

237 Rimersburg
Durnell Harry A. 8/27/1957 8/29/1957 Parkers Landing, Pa. Lower Hillville, Pa. 85

Lingering illness

Buechele Funeral Home,East Brady dob- 3-1872 Son of Josepg and Annie Pierce Durnell Carpenter and oil rigger

Lower Hilville Sisters: Mrs. Cora Rumbarger and Mrs. Lyda Rumbarger