Eaker Charles F. 3-22-1995 3-25-1995 Porter Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarview Rest Home 89

J. Robert Varner dob- 4-15-1905 Spouse - Clara O. Over (Mar. 12-3-1931) Father- Lewis Eaker Mother - Emma Stouffer SS# 194-03-0490
Cedarview-Strattanville Sons: Thomas, James Rene and Charles Eaker
Daughter: Mrs. Edgar (Carla) Schladoer
Brother: Jesse Fair
Sisters: Lula Eaker, Nellie Kammerdiener, Sadie Eaker, Ruth Chandler
Eaker Clara M. 5-6-1996 5-9-1996 Monroe Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarview Rest Home 86

J. Robert Varner dob - 9-27-1909 Spouse - Charles F. Eaker (Mar. 12-3-1931) Father- John E. Over Mother - Zula Callen SS# 208-34-4518
Cedarview-Strattanville Thomas and Rene Eaker Chrles Eaker deceased
Mrs. Edgar (Clara) Schladoer
Brothers: Mark and Elmer Over
Sister: Mrs. Ruth Finnefrock
Eaker Grace A. 11-20-1996 11-23-1996 Perry Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 80

J. Robert Varner dob - 7-29-1916 Father: Wallace Walker Harshaw Mother: Sarah Margaret Price SS# 198-38-7550
Callensburg Sons: Gary Eakin
Stepsons: Charles Eakin, Robert Eakin Step daughter: Charlotte Hosey
Brother: Alvin Sister: Kathryn
Eaker Ida Pearl 4-26-1959 4-29-1959 Toby Twp. Clarion Co. Pa. Porter Twp. Clarion Co. 52

R. W. Moore dob 10-11-1907 Husband - James Eaker Father - Alvine Stewart Mother - Mary C. Shook Died at her residence.
Squirrel Hill Sons: Darl and Stewart Eaker
Sisters: Mrs. Clayton Hollingsworth, Mrs. Blanche Hartman and Mrs. Frank Walls
Brothers: Merle, Russell and Edwin Stewarrt
Ealy Harvey
11/2/1964 11/4/1964
R. D. Chicora, Pa. 55


Hepler Funeral Home, Petrolia, Pa. Married to Corine Ealy Member of R. C. Church of Chicora
St. Mary's, Bradys Bend Sons, Harvey, Jr. and Donald Ealy
Brother, Lawrence Ealy
Daughters, Thelma and Kay Ealy
Half-brothers, Ray. Leonnard and Jake Henderson
Half-sister, Mrs. Roy (Gertie) Crawford
Earley Altha Jean 2-17-1993 2-20-1993 Toby Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Mercy Hsp. Pittsburgh,Pa. 66

Natural causes

Klines, Rimersburg,Pa. 16248 dob - 5-11-1926 Spouse: Chester Earley Father: Charles Reed Mother: Ruth Hollibaugh SS# 174-22-2242 Married 7-15-1948
Rimersburg Son: James Earley, John Earley
Daughter: Cathy and Christina Earley
Sister: Helen Pedigrew
Earley Andrew
5/13/1929 5/1929
Madison Two. 83

S. V. Barr Co. H, 19th Reg Pvt.

Earley Brandon Scott 9-14-1980 9-15-1980
DuBois Borough, Clearfiel

1 Sezpiratory distren syndr

Dick E. Kline, Rimersburg,Pa. Baby was 18 hours old
51 Rimersburg
Earley Chester

St.Vincent's Hosp.,Erie C

Metastatic brain carcinom

Dick E.Kline,Rimersburg white male

Earley Mary Elizabeth Aug. 12,1909 Aug. 14, 1909 Benna Toby Twp 24 4 3 Tuberculosis No
C.B. Stewart

618 Rimersburg
Earley Nettie
12/2/1964 12/4/1964 Clarion Co., Pa. R.D. Sligo, Pa. 84

J. Ward Kier, Clarion, Pa. dob - 1880 Daughterof David H. and Margaret Blair Earley

Clarion Daughter - Florence Barr
Brother - Harry E. Earley
Earley Ralph Emerson 3/9/1960 3/12/1960 Rimersburg, Pa. Clarion Co., Pa. 59

Heart attack

Buechele Funeral Home,East Brady dob- 3-17-1900 Son of Thomas and Ida Murray Earley Spouse: Bertha Mae Kaylor Earley
Bradys Bend Daughters: Mrs. Florence Kepple, Ruth and Beatrice Earley and Mrs. Pauline Hoffman
Sons: Chester R. and Oaul E. Earley
Brothers: Raymond and Earl Earley
Sister: Mrs. Helen Best
Earley Tiffani Marie 7-24-1987 7-25-1987 Franklin Hospital, Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa.

Still born

Dick E. Kline Father- Scott Earley Mother- Sandra Guntrum

Earley William Austin 1/15/1962 1/17/1962 Washington Twp.,Armstrong Co R. D. Rimersburg, Pa. 78


dob - 9-8-1883 Son of Andrew J. and Lovina A. Phillips Earley Retired coal miner Married to Ila Leona Summerville who died in 1959
Rimersburg Daughter: Mrs. Carl (Louise) Phillips
A son, Claude, preceded him in death
Early Paul (S/Sgt.) D. July 7, 1944 Aug. 29, 1948 Rimersburg, Pa.

Killed in Action

R. W. Moore Enlisted Mar.8, 1943 Serial # 33433893 World War II Father- Walter early Mother- Mary Schear Birthdate - June 3, 1923
Early Albert LeRoy 6-15-1943 6-18-1943 Petrolia, Pa. Rimersburg R.D. 39 3 22 Broken Back

R. W. Moore dob 2-23-1904 Killed at Kissinger in mine accidnt. Wife- Jenette Morris Early Father John C. Early Mother - Margaret Taylor
Early Andrew Christophe 04/08/1941 04/11/1941 PA. WASHINGTON TWP.

Early Brandon Scott 9-13-1987 9-14-1987
Dubois, Pa.

Dick E. Kline Baby Boy died at Maple Avenue Hospital in Dubois, Pa. Lived 18 hours.

Early Brenda (Baby) Scott 9-13-1980` 9-14-1980 Dubois, Pa. Dubois, Pa.

Dick E. Kline dob 9-12-1980 Father- Scott Allen Early Mother- Sandra Guntrum Born and died at Maple Ave. Hospital Dubois, Pa.
Early Carrie Elma 10-29-1957 11-1-1957 Kittanning, Pa. R.D. Mahoning, Pa. 57 3 21

J. D. Miller dob - 7-8-1900 Husband- Owen Early Father - Burl Bowser Mother - Jennie Helm Buried in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.
Tidal Died in Poseytown
Sisters: Mrs. Virginia Aaron and Mrs. Thomas (Crete) Minick
Brother- George Bowser
Funeral services were held from the home of her sister, Crete Minick, with the Rev. Walter Kennedy, pastor of the Templeton Presbyterian Church, officiating
Early Chester Ralph 10-5-1974 10-8-1974 East Brady, Pa. RD#1 Erie, Pa. 49

Carcinoma of Lungs 56S
Moore-Kline dob 3-16-1925 Father- Ralph Early Mother- Bertha Mae Kayllor Protestant SS# 204-16-1836 Died at St. Vincent Hospital, Erie, Pa.
Early Emery
5-28-1966 5-31-1966 Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa. Kittanning Hospital,Pa. 84 11 27

J. D. Miller dob - 6-1-1881 Farmer Father - Joseph Early Mother- Helen Early

Early Ethel E. 9-3-1979 9-6-1979 Bradys Bend, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 69 9 26

James D. Miller dob - 11-7-1909 Husband - Raymond L. Early Father - Thomas B. Hamilton Mother - Bertha M. Crawford Buried at Madison Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa.
Mt. Hope
Early Ila Leona 12-2-1959 12-4-1959 Madison Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Brookville Hospital, Pa. 76 3 1

J. D. Miller dob - 7-31-1883 Husband - William A. Early Father - Joseph Summerville Mother - Hanna Flick
Rimersburg Daughter: Mrs. Carl (Louise) Phillips
Brother: Carl Summerville
Sister: Mrs. Jessie Teuton
A son Claude H. Early preceded her in death
Early Lavina Appeline 2-4-1931

Parks Twp.Armstrong Co. 82

Carcinoma of Stomach

S. V. Barr Died in Parks Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa.

Early Mary E. 8-15-1972 8-18-1972 Rimersburg, Pa. Oil City Hospital, Pa. 70

Carcinoma of Lungs

Moore-Kline dob 2-5-1902 Father- Frank Shearer Mother- Ida Arner Husband - Walter Early, Sr. Protestant SS# 167-10-2975B
Early Mary Elizabeth 8-12-1909 8-14-1909 Penna. Toby Twp., Clarion Co.Pa. 24 4 3 Tuberculosis

C. B. Stewart

Early Owen Clarence 4-22-1967 4-26-1967 Madison Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa. R.D. Mahoning, Pa.

J. D. Miller dob - 8-22-1897 Coal Miner Wife - Carrie Bowser Father - William B. Early Mother - Ada Crissman
Early Raymond L. 2-6-1979 2-8-1979 Brady Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 70

Heart Failure

Dick E. Kline dob 7-25-1908 Father- Thomas Early Mother- Ida Murray Protestant Buried at Connertion
Mt. Hope
Early Richard A. 3-17-1966 3-20-1966 Brookville, Pa. Conneaut, Ohio 31

J. D. Miller dob - 12-2-1934 Wife - Mary Jeanne Moore Father - Andrew G. Early Mother - Virginia Bowser (Early) Aaron SS# 202-26-2723
Early Sarah Ann 12/30/1939 01/02/1940 PA. SHERRETT PA. 66 8 8


Early Thomas Leroy 9-7-1957 9-11-1957 Armstrong Co., Pa. Oakland V.A. Hospital 25 9 1

J. D. Miller dob - 12-6-1931 Wife - Shelba J. Sleigher Father- Raymond Early Mother - Ethel E. Hamilton Buried in Brady Twp., Clarion Co., Pa.
St. Eusebius Daughter- Debra Lynn Sleigher
Sisters: Mrs. Betty Mae Best, Mrs. Ida Russell, Mrs. Harriett Frazier and Phyllis Early
Brothers: Darrel and Larry Early
Services were held from the St. Eusibius R. C. Church in East Brady with the Rev. Fr. Thomas
F. Eustace, officiating
Early Walter N.(Sr.) 4-12-1977 4-14-1977 Sherrett, Pa. Armstrong Co.Mem.Hosp. 75

Bleeding Ulcer

Dick E.Kline,Rimersburg white male dob 3-19-1902 Father- Joseph A. Early Mother- Nervie Love Protestant SS# 167-10-2975 Died at Kittanning, Pa.
Early William Austin 1-15-1962 1-17-1962 Armstrong Co., Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 78

J. D. Miller dob - 9-8-1883 Wife - Ila L. Summerville Father - Andrew J. Early Mother - Lavina A. Phillips Coal Miner
Early Willis Hamilton 1-30-1972 2-2-1972 Madison Twp. Armstrong Co. Altoona V.A. Hospital 77 5 12

James D. Miller dob - 8-18-1894 Coal Mine Father - William B. Early Mother - Ada E. Crissman SS# 198-18-2680
Eaton Aaron


dob - 1799 Spouse _ Abigal Eaton

Eaton Abigal


dob - 1807 Spouse - Aaron Eaton

Eaton Mary G. 2-16-2000 2-19-2000 Jamison Hos. New Castle, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 49

Richard D. Hillis dob-5-13-1950 Father- Clyde N. Adams; Mother- Gertrude McKissick, Spouse -Rev.James M. Eaton, Pastor Rimersburg U. Methodist (M. 8-11-1972) Plain Grove Presbyterian Church
Rimersburg Graduate - New Wilmington H.S.; Slippery Rock University-1971 Elementary Teacher
Son: Bryan J. Eaton Daughters: Shannon R., Brenda E., Mary Jane and Rachel M. Eaton
Brothers: J. Lawrence, Paul C., Lloyd R. and Dale, deceased Sisters: Mrs. Alice R. Clapper and Mrs. Randy (Esther) LaMotte Services officiated by: John O. Margargee, Franklin Dist. Supt. & David L. Parker, Evangelist of W. Pa. Methodist Conference
Ebright Marjorie Pearl

Eccles Ella May 6-2-1956 6-4-1956 Toby Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 65 11 3

J. D. Miller dob - 6-29-1890 Husband - Ralph M. Eccles Father - George B. Culbertson Mother - Lucinda Smith
Eccles Ralph M. 9-16-1972 9-18-1972 Rimersburg, Pa Kittanning Hospital, Pa. 82 8 10 acute renal tubular necro

James D. Miller dob - 1-6-1890 Nurseryman Wife - Ella Culbertson Father - William Eccles Mother - Mary Thomas 72 Rimersburg
Eccles Sophia
1870 1870 Armagh, Ireland Rimersburg, PA 67

J. E. McGuigan yob - 1803
172 Rimersburg
Eckman Lydia E. 11-6-1978 11-8-1978 Big Run, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 81 2 0

James D. Miller dob - 9-6-1897 Husband - Clark W. Eckman Father - Philip Gearhart Mother - Katherine Beam SS# 196-34-3916 Buried at Georgeville, Pa.
Eddinger Albert
2/7/1954 2/9/1954 Mariasville, Pa. Kittanning Hospital , Pa. 62

Short Illness

R. W. Moore, Rimersburg dob 1-20-1892 The son of William and Etta Custer Eddinger

Rimersburg Sons: Clyde, Russell and Albert Eddinger
Daughters: Mrs. Claude Byers and June Eddinger
Brothers: David and Norman Eddinger
Services were held at the Moore Funeral Home with the Rev. George Nolder officiating
Eddinger Albert (Buck) Eugene 4-10-1983 4-13-1983 Clarion Co.,Pa. VA Medical Center, Butler 61

Cardiac arrest

James D. Miller, Rimersburg, Pa white male,was a Veteran- WW-2- Army dob - 6-12-1921 Trucker Father - Albert Eddinger Mother - Edna Stanford SS# 178-14-8821
Rimersburg Wife- Dorothy One step-son - Edward Custer One brother- Clyde Eddinger
2 Sisters - Mrs. Claude (Etta Ruth) Byers Mrs. George (June) Egan
Eddinger Carl
12-27-1990 12-31-1990 Rimersburg, Pa. Clarion Hos[ital, Pa. 69

Cardiac Arrest

J. Robert Varner Birthdate 12-31-1920 Spouse: Kathryn Smith Maried 7-25-1952 Father: Roy Eddinger Mother: Grace McAnich Vet. - Army WW- II SS# 174-16-4683
Riemersburg Brothers: Lyle and Dale Eddinger
Sisters: Mrs. Ed (Violet) Anthony, Mrs. Guy (Betty) Mortimer, Mrs. Ashley (Sue) McCoy
Eddinger Earlin
1-23-1972 1-26-1972 Bradys Bend, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Pa. 67 8 4 congestive heart failure

James D. Miller dob - 5-19-1904 Coal Miner Father - Henry Eddinger Mother- Margaret Snyder SS# 167-10-2956 5 Rimersburg
Eddinger Edna Pearl 3/24/1954 3/27/1954 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa.

dob- 2-05-1903 Daughter of Edward and Odella Myers Stanford

Rimersburg Children: Mrs. Claude Byers, Albert Eddinger, Russell Eddinger, Mrs. James Fletcher, Clyde Eddinger One brother and two sisters survive.
Eddinger Edward William 6/2/1952 6/4/1952 St. Petersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 66

R. W. Moore, Rimersburg, pa. Father: Edward William Eddinger Mother: Etta Custer Eddinger Never married

Rimersburg Brothers: David, Alfred, Clyde and John Eddinger
Services were held at the funeral home with the Rev. B. M. Radaker officiating
Eddinger Elsie E. 11-17-1980 11-20-1980 Born 2-11-1901 Butler Hospital, Butler C

Cardio-restiratory arrest

James D. Miller, Rimersburg,pa white female dob - 2-11-1901 Husband - Raymond "Bo" Eddinger Father - Jasper D. Stitt Mother - Martha Melvina Myers SS# 168-50-9587 62 Rimersburg
Eddinger Esther May 05/31/1918 06/1918 TOBY TWP. TOBY TWP.

Eddinger Etta
10/04/1930 10/07/1930 PA. TOBY TWP. 65


Eddinger Grace
3/8/1950 3/11/1950 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 51 7 7 Cerebral thrombosis

dob- 8-1-1898 Spouse: Roy Eddinger

Rimersburg Sons: Lyle, Carl, Dale Eddinger
Daughters: Mrs. Guy Mortimer, Mrs. Ed Atthony and Sue Eddinger
Services were conducted at the home by the Rev. A. G. Neal of the Rimersburg Methodist Church
Eddinger Harry
11/8/1918 11/9/1918 Rimersburg Pa. Rimersburg Pa.
influenza & Pneumonia 226 Old S.V. Barr

Eddinger Henry
01/09/1937 01/11/1937 ST. PETERSBURG PA. HUEY PA. 56 6 23 Burns-Trapped in burning home

Eddinger Jack
2-2-1924 2-3-1924 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa.

Malformed-lived 17 hours

C. B. Stewart

Eddinger Lillie M. 9/5/1960 9/8/1960 St. Petersburg, Pa. Oil City Hospital,Pa. 81

Brief illnes

McKinney Funeral Home, St. Petersburg dob- 9-10-1879 Daughter of Jonathan and Mary Jackson Fulmer Married 9/13/1903 to John F. Eddinger Had lived with her daughter in Oakmont for the past three years.
St. Petersburg Daughters: Mrs. Ernest (Marguerite) Kunselman, Mrs. August (Estellene) Durnell and Mrs. James P. (Helene) Boyd A daughter, Mrs. Bernice Jones died in 1947
Sons: Roger L., Byron L. and Wendell B. Eddinger Son Arnold killed in a hunting accident in 1947
Brother: Floyd Fulmer
Sisters: Mrs. Grover McMichael, Mrs. Bertha Carroll
Eddinger Mamie
01/10/1939 01/13/1939 SUMMERVILLE PA. OIL CITY HOSPITAL 21 2 3 ACUTE PERTINOTIS 278 3 R.W. MOORE dob 10-27-1917 Seamstress Father- Henry Eddinger Mother- Bertha Holler Services from residence in Huey, Pa.
Eddinger May
2-5-1897 2-8-1897 Rimersburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 1 6 15 Pneumonia 226
S. V. Barr

Eddinger Ralph Edward 3-20-1942 3-23-1942 Rimersburg, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 14 9 18 Meningitis

R. W. Moore 5-2-1927 - Father - Albert Eddinger Mother - Edna Stanford

Eddinger Raymond (Bo)
11-19-1991 11-22-1991 Distant, Pa. Clarion Hospital,Pa. 91

Medullary Failure

Richard D. Hillis Birthdate 7-31-1909 Died at Clarion Hospital, Monroe Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Spouse: Elsie Stitt Father: Henry Eddinger Mother: Margaret Dale Coal Miner
Rimersburg Sons: Michael, Richard D., Charles E., Milford Eddinger Daughter: Mrs. Doretha Dolby
Brothers; Twins- John & Lonnie, Roy, Ben, Earl Eddinger
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Hardy, Mrs. Nellie Buzzard, Mrs. Twila McMaster
Eddinger Roy
12/31/1952 1/2/1952 Emlenton, Pa. Rimersburg, Pa,

dob- 4-1-1890 the son of Henry and Margaret Snyder Eddinger Coal Miner SS# 191-05-7287
Rimersburg Services from the late home with the Rev. Elmer Nunemaker officiating
Daughters: Mrs. Guy Mortimer, Mrs. Ed Anthony and Sue Eddinger
Sons: Carl, Lyle and Dale Eddinger
Brothers; Raymond, Ralph and Earl
Eddinger William Leroy 2-18-1959 2-21-1959 Rimersburg, Pa. Clarion , Pa. 25 6 23

J. D. Miller dob - 7-25-1933 Wife - Doris Baker Father - Raymond Eddinger Mother - Elsie Stitt
Eddy Katherine Lace 4/15/1962 4/18/1962 New Bethlehem, Pa. East Brady, Pa.

Daughter of James Lace and Mary Boyle Lace Schott She was married in 1901 to Dr. Conrad G. Eddy of St. Marys, W. Va.
St. Eusebius-East Brady Daughter , Mrs. Crescent Fuhrer
Edenburg Jacob


DOB 8-17-1770

Old Concord
Ediburn Mary M.

nee Snyder

Edinger Albert
Feb. 7, 1954 Feb. 9, 1954 Mariasville, Pa. Kittanning Hospital 62

Cardiac failure

R. W. Moore Birthdate - Jan. 20, 1892 Father-William Edinger Mother-Etta Custer S.S.# 191-05-7285 Retired Coal Miner
Edinger Clarence William 4-14-1972 4-16-1972 Edinburg, Pa. Rimersburg, Clarion Co., 40 8 19 myocardial infarction

James D. Miller dob - 7-25-1931 Driller Wife - Wilma Priester Father - David Edinger Mother - Ethel M. Everett SS# 300-30-9002 27 Rimersburg
Edinger Clayton H. 1-5-1972 1-8-1972 Sligo, Pa. Congress, Az. 43

Coronary Insufficiency 76N 4 Moore-Kline dob 9-24-1928 Father- David Edinger Mother- Ethel Everett SS# 167-22-9850
Edinger David
4-19-1962 4-22-1962 Venango Co., Pa. New Castle, Pa. 74

Heart Failure

R. W. Moore dob 7-16-1887 Coal Miner Wife- Ethel Everett Father- William Edinger S.S.#168-03-7839``` Mother- Etta Custer Born Mariasville, Pa. Died at Jamison Hospital, Mercer Co., Pa.
Dutch Hill, Pa. Children: Mrs. Pearl Stewart, Mrs. Twila Custer, David Edinger, Jr., Clayton Edinger, Leroy Hagan and Clarence Edinger
Edinger Edna Pearl March 24, 1954 March 27, 1954 Rimersburg, Pa. Toby Twp. Clarion Co. 51

R. W. Moore Birthdate - Feb. 5, 1903 Father - Edward Stanford Mother- Idela Myers
Edinger Edward William June 2, 1952 June 4, 1952 St. Petersburg, Pa. Clarion Co. Home 66


R. W. Moore Birthdate Sept. 18, 1885 Father- Edward William Edinger Mother- Etta Custer

Edinger Ethel
11/12/1952 11/14/1952 West Monterey, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 58 5 23 Lingering illness

Spouse- David Edinger Daughter of Jacob and Ellen Owens Edinger dob- 5-20-1893
Dutch Hill Mother: Mrs. Ellem Yingling Sons: Leroy Hagan, David E. Edinger, Clarence Edinger, Clayton Edinger Daughters: Mrs. Geniva Custer, Mrs. Peral Stewart, Mrs. Twila Custer
Brother: Clea Everett Sisters: Mrs. Eva Markle, Mrs. Florence Barger, Mrs. Emily Barbara and Mrs. Michael Stewart
Edinger Floyd L. 4/16/1964 4/18/1964 Alum Rock, Pa. R.D. Emlenton, Pa. 61

Heart Attack

Karle McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob - 9-23-1902 Son of Oliver and Iva Mae Dunkle Edinger Married to Mabel Avanelle Price Edinger
St. Petersburg, Pa. Step-father, Edward L. Dunkle
Sons, Warren M., Edward W. and Floyd Edinger,Jr.
Brother, Fred Edinger
Edinger Henry
1-9-1937 1-11-1937 St. Petersburg, Pa. Huey, Clarion Co., Pa. 52 6 23 Burned to Death

R. W. Moore dob 6-15-1885 Widower Col Miner Father- Wm. E. Edinger Mother- Etta Custer

Edinger Margaret Cooper 10/5/1960 10/8/1960 St. Petersburg, Pa. Wyandotte, Michigan 46


McKinney- St. Petersburg, Pa. Married to Samuel J. Edinger

St. Petersburg Daughters:Mrs. John W. (Mary Jane) Lowers and Mrs. John D. (Shirley) Clark
Son, George Edinger
Sisters: Mrs. Wade Hugh and Mrs. Wilmer Jordan
Brothers: lawrence and Arthur Cooper
Edinger May
02/05/1897 02/08/1897 Rimersburg, PA Rimersburg, PA 1 6 15 Phneumonia 226
S.V. Barr

256 Rimersburg
Edinger Wayne Allan 4-23-1973 4-24-1973
Pitts.,Allegheny County

0 Placenta fufarction

Dick E.Kline,Rimersburg Newborn Mother- Linda Kay Edinger Born - Magee Womens Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Edinger William
02/18/1897 02/21/1897 Rimersburg, PA Rimersburg, PA 4 3 0 Phneumonia 226
S.V. Barr

257 Rimersburg
Edinger William Edward 4/18/1913 4/21/1913
Red Fox Mines 58 5 1

C.B. Stewart Buried in Poor Ground

Edinger Wilma Lou 4-2-1994


Smith, Volant, Pa.

Edmonds Belle Kaster 2/18/1959 2/22/1959 Rimersburg, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Waples Funeral Home, Pittsburgh Daughter of S. H. and Mary Feely Kaster Married to John H. Edmonds, Sr.

Allegheny Co. Mem. Park Son: Harry K. Edmonds
Sister: Lena M. Kaster

02/22/1935 02/23/1935 EAST BRADY EAST BRADY


Edwards John M. 4/22/1959 4/24/1959 Marienville, Pa. Madison Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. 81

Extended illness

McNaughton-McKinney- East Brady dob- 5-24-1877 Son of John M. and Margaret Martin Edwards Married to Isabelle Risher
Rimersburg Daughters: Mrs. Joseph (Mildred) Schiano, Mrs. J. G. (Gladys) Tribley and Mrs. William (Margaret)
Sons: Raymond R., Royd L., Harry L., Martin and Richard Edwards
Edwards Martin S. 3/13/1958 3/15/1958 Clarion Co., Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 79

Thompson-Paul, Butler, Pa. Son of Rev. John M. and Margaret Martin Edwards Made his home for the last ten years with his daughter Mrs. Clyde Johnson
Clarion Wife; Mrs. Anna Belle Edwards
Daughters: Mrs. Helen Brennan and Mrs. Clyde Johnson
Four sons: Atwood L., Doris A., Fred L. and Donald H. Edwards
Brother: John M. Edwards
Edwards Mary Isabella 7/29/1962 7/31/1962 Sligo, Pa. East Brady, Pa. 81

Brief illness

Wayne E. McNaughton,East Brady dob - 2-8-1881 Daughter of Ithma and Frances Risher Married to John M. Edwards who died in 1959
Rimersburg Son: J. Martin Edwards who died in October 1960
Daughters: Mrs. Joseph (Mildred) schiano, Mrs. Jesse (Gladys) Tribley, Mrs. William (Margaret) Dietrich Sons: Raymond R., Royd L., Harry L and T. Richard Edwards
Sisters: Mrs. Lottie Ferguson, Mrs. Dorothy Uhlemburg and Rita Risher
Brothers: Clyde and C. Laverne Risher
Eisenhuth Elva Tressa 7/16/1959 7/18/1959 New Bethlehem, Pa. Hillville, Pa. 79

McNaughton-McKinney, East Brady dob- 2-14-1880 Daughter of David and Clara Goheen Jack Married to Edward C. Eisenhuth Member of the East Brady Methodist Church
Bradys Bend Sons: Carl, Foster and Dale Eisenhuth
Daughters: Mrs. James (Iva) Robinson, Mrs. John (Gladys) Sumney and Mrs. Frank (Mildred) Harriger
Ekas Hattie Sherwin 4/28/1960 5/1/1960 Butler County Karns City, Pa. 69

Extended illness

Vensel Funeral Home,Chicora, Pa. Daughter of Samuel and Alice Kaylor Sherwin Member of the Karns City Methodist Church Married to H. Wilbur Ekas, Sr.
Bear Creek-Petrolia Daughter: Mrs. Raymond (Alice) Cooke
Sons: Harold P., Virden S. and Harry W. Ekas, Jr.
Brothers: P.D., Joseph S., Lee A. and Jesse H. Ekas
Sisters: Mrs. Hazel Morris, Mrs. Dale Walker and Mrs. Ed McCullough
Ekis Clifford Ira 7/4/1960 7/10/1960 Butler County, Pa. Clintonville, Pa. 75

Lingering illnes

Donovan Fyneral Home,Clintonville dob- 9-2-1884 Son of James B. and Hanna Jane Patterson Ekis Member of the Grace Methodist Church in Clintonville Married-Elizabeth R. Seelbaugh Ekis on 4/1/1908
Clintonville Sons: Durant, Lewis, Burton, Chester and DeWayne Ekis
Daughters: Mrs. R. M. (Lucille) Kohlmeyer and Mrs. R. A. (Lydia) Turner
Brothers: Wilbur and Plumber Ekis
Elder Agnes


dob - 1805 Spouse - William Elder

Elder Betty (Infant) Caroll 3-5-1936 3-8,1936 Coal Grove, Pa. Betula, McKean Co., Pa. 3 1 13 Drowning

R. W. Moore dob 1-21-1933 Father- Loyd A. Elder, Mosgrove, Pa Mother- Edythe Hartman of Porter Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Services at Simon Colwell residence
Squirrel Hill
Elder Blanche Myrtle 5-3-1980 5-5-1980 Toby Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarion Hospital, Clarion 90

Resp. & cardiac arrest

Dick E. Kline, Rimersburg,Pa white female dob 6-14-1889 Father- Samuel Blair Elder Mother- Margaret Thompson Retired school teacher SS# 162-34-3239 Sister- Frances 22 Rimersburg
Elder Charles Edward 11-22-1957 11-25-1957 Toby Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 65

J. D. Miller dob - 11-13-1892 Father - John Elder Mother - Mary Somerville SS# 201-01-7184`` Farmer and Tax Ciollector of Toby Twp. For 29 years
Rimersburg Mmber of the Asssociate Presbyterian Church of Rimersburg
Brothers: Oliver T., Clarence and Raymond Elder
Sisters: Mrs. Lizzie Blair, Mrs. Cora Gilbert, Mrs. May Lerch, Mrs. Edith Stroup and Mrs. Ruth Smith
Elder Charles L. 5-10-1966 5-15-1966 Clarion, Pa. Missouri 28

Respiratory Arrest 636N
R. W. Moore dob 3-17-1938 Wife - Jean Hillis Father - Walter Early Mother - Pearl Confer Died at R. Gebauer Air Force Base in Missouri
Elder Clarence M. 1/31/1954 2/2/954 Rimersburg, Pa. Elgin, Ill. 66

Cerebral Hemorrage

dob- 8-16-1887 Son of John and Mary Somerville Elder Member of First Methodist Church in Elgin,Ill.
Alexander, Iowa Two sons and three daughters
Brothers: Oliver T and Charles Elder
Sisters: Mrs. Lizzie Blair, Mrs. Edith Striup, Mrs. Cora Gilbert, Mrs. Mae Lrch and Mrs. Ruth Smith
Elder Eliza


dob - 1822

Elder Estella R. 2-21-1968 2-23-1968 Fairmounrt City, Pa. Butler Hosp., Butler Co., 76 2 28 acute myocardial infarcti

James D. Miller dob - 11-23-1891 Husband - Oliver L. Elder Father - Albert Berg Mother - Hattie Silvis SS# 191-10-1185 65 Rimersburg
Elder Frances
6-10-1985 6-12-1985 Toby Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarion Hospital, Clarion 86

Cardiac arrest

Dick E. Kline, Rimersburg,Pa white female dob 11-11-1898 Father- Samuel Blair Elder Mother- Margaret Thompson Reformed Presbyterian
Elder Francis E. 3-23-1963 3-27-1963 Kittanning, Pa. Spring City, Pa. 19 -11 7

J. D. Miller dob - 4-16-1943 Father - Leroy Elder Mother - Jane Shuster Buried at Kittanning, Pa.
Lawn Haven
Elder George Albert 04/10/1930 04/12/1930 PINEY TWP. PINEY TWP 1


Elder Grace D. 12-6-1999 12-9-1999
Millcreeek Twp, Erie Co., Pa. 80

Cardiopulmonary Arrest

J. Robert Varner dob - 5-16-1919

Elder Hazel Rebecca 11/3/1959 1/5/1959 R.D. Emlenton, Pa. Turniphole, Pa. 61


McKinney Funeral Home-St.Petersburg dob- 3-17-1899 Daughter of Edward D and Elsie L. Best Frederick She was married on 2/12/1920 to William B. Elder in St. Petersburg
Looper - Turniphole Daughters: June Elder and Mrs. Earl (Phyllis) Woodring
Son: Edward E. Elder
Brother: Claude C. Elder
Elder James Irwin 1-13-1973

Brookville,Jefferson Coun


Cleo A.Hawk,Sligo white male

Elder Jane


dob - 1817 Spouse - Samuel Elder

Elder Leroy
5-7-1979 5-10-1979 Wattersonville, Pa. Warren State Hosp. , Pa. 77 8 4

James D. Miller dob - 9-3-1907 Wife - Jane Shuster Father - William Elder Mother - Jane Early SS# 187-01-94667 Buried at Worthington, Armstrong Co.,Pa.
Lawn Haven Estates
Elder Lestie Steele 11/18/1943 11/20/1943 TOBY TWP. PINEY TWP. 59 3 20
315 3 C.B. STEWART

Elder Margaret

dob - 1760

Elder Margaret

dob - 1856 Spouse - Samuel B. Elder

Elder Margaret Gertrude 5-31-1994 6-3-1994 Madison Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Madison Twp.,Clarion Co.Pa. 94

Arterosclerotic heart dis

Varner, Sligo, Pa. 16255 dob ; 5-7-1900 Spouse: William David Elder Father: Edgar H. Carnahan Mother: Amanda Belle Mortimer SS# 168-50-5082
Rimersburg Son: Delbert E. Elder
Daughters: Mrs. Maxine Ruffner, Mrs. Helen Rickard, Mrs. Ruth McCafferty
Brothers: Edgar, Wilson, David and Paul Carnahan
Sisters: Ella Mae Reiser, Anna Mary king
Elder Margaret Thompson 04/18/1928 04/1928


Elder Mary Villinger 10/25/1950 10/28/1950 Queenstown,Armstrong Co.Pa Perryville, Pa. 85


dob- 1-8-1863 Daughter of Charles and Roseann Villinger Married Samuel B. Elder in 12/26/1886 He dies in 1929
Perryville Sons: S. Clifford Elder and Joseph C. Elder
Daughter: Ella Mae Elder
Services were held in the family home with the Rev. Merle Womderling of the Perryville Methodist Church officiating
Elder Orley Ivan 9/22/1956 9/25/1956
R.D. Parker, Pa. 66

Heart attack

Fred S. Bowser, Parker, Pa. Member of the Parker Church of God

Perryvillle, Pa. Wife; Alice M. Elder Sisters; Mrs. S. Davis, Mrs. Irene Slaugenhaupt, Mrs. Mamie Coulter and Mrs. Louise Frederick Brothers: George H., Walter G., William B. , Wesley, J., Dawson C. and Velmore W. Elder
Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. Floyd Swonger, officiating. He was assisted by the Rev. John W. Snyder
Elder Patricia L 10/13/1993 10/16/1993 Sligo, Pa. Clarview Rest Home,Sligo 52

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo, Pa. dob- 5-29-1941 Daughter of Seth A. and Mary V. (Wiser) Simpson Beautician Member of the Sligo Methodist Church
Sligo Sons: Brian and Michael Elder
Sisters: Betty Bishop, Ruth Rummel and Jennie Haun
Brother: Dean Simpson
Elder Paul L. 7-27-1993 7-29-1993
Sligo, Pa. 69

Carcinoma Lungs,prostate

J. Robert Varner Birthdate 1-28-1924 Died at Clarview Nursing Home,Piney Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa

Elder Rebecca


dob - 1851 Daughter of Samuel & Jane Elder

Elder Richard Lee 07/21/1932 07/23/1932 E.C. FERGUSON HOME E.C. FERGUSON HOME


Elder Samuel


dob - 1812 Spouse - Jane Elder

Elder Samuel B. 1899

dob - 1853 Spouse - Margaret Elder

Elder Sarah



Elder Solomon Emory July 1, 1948 July 4, 1948 Armstrong co., Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 82 7 23 Cerebral Hemorage

R. W. Moore Birthdte-Nov. 8, 1866 Father- Simon Elder Mother-Mary Anderson

Bradys Bend
Elder Wesley J. 2/23/1958 2/27/1958 Clarion Co., Pa. Licking Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. 62

Heart attack

Stuart Funeral Home, Knox, Pa. dob- 12-19-1895 Son of Narrington and Jennie Kiser Elder

Turniphole Children: Mrs. Violet Raybuck, Mrs. Olive Gates, Mrs. Gertrude Lewis, Mrs. Lois Neely and Wesley J. Elder
Brothers: George H., Walter H, Willism B. and Dossen C. Elder
Sisters: Mrsd. Arrena Slaugenhaupt, Mrs. Louise Frederick and Velmore Elder
Services were held at the funeral home with the Rev. Ralph Radaker officiating
Elder William D. 9-25-1979 9-28-1979 Ford City, Armstrong Co.,Pa. Madison Twp., Clarion Cou 78

Cancer of Lungs

Dick E.Kline, Rimersburg,Pa white male dob 1-23-1901 Father- George M. Elder Mother- Mary Hartman Retired coal miner SS# 191-05-7284 Methodist
Elder William James 6-13-1988 6-17-1988 Piney Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 57

Respiratory Failure

J. D. Miller Birthdate 5-6-1931 Spouse - Patricia A. Switzer Father - Samuel James Elder Mother - Edna Mae Eshbaugh Barber SS# 188-24-3221
Rimersburg Son: William B. Elder Daughter: Mrs. Timothy (Jamie) Simpson Brothers: Jack & Connell Elder
Siosters: Mrs. Eleanor Sayers, Mrs.John (Janet) Ochs, Mrs. John (Joan) Hughes
Elish George
11-7-1968 11-9-1968 Croatia, Austria R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 85

Chronic Myocarditis

Moore-Kline Funeral Home dob 2-17-1883 Catholic SS# 189-14-3383

Ellenberger Harrison Ardell 1-6-1956 1-9-1956 Elk Co., Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 66 6 18

J. D. Miller dob - 6-18-1889 Laborer Father- Charles Ellenberger Mother - Katherine Nulph

Ellenberger Maude
1/2/1957 1/5/1957
Youngstown, Ohio 77

Brief illness

Hepler Funeral Home, Petrolia, Pa. Member of the Lutheran Church in Youngstown, Ohio

Mt. Pleasant-Lutheran Sister- Mrs. Ella McIntyre of Kaylor
Services wsere held from the funeral home with the Rev. C. F. Hildebrab\nd, pastor of the Chicora Lutheran Church officiating
Elliot Harry P 1959


DOB 1882

Elliot Lois P


DOB 1897 Nee Beers

Elliot Sarah M. 1862


dob - 1857 Daughter of James and R. Elliot


Elliott Adda L. 4/1/1964 4/4/1964
Foxburg, Pa. 85

Lingering illness

Karl L. McKinney, St. Petersburg, Pa. dob - 8-13-1878 Daughter of Thomas D. and Lavina Sloan Kelly Married to Charles Elliott who died in 1943
Foxburg Daughter, Mrs. Reba Klinger
Sons, Warren, Claud and Willis Elliott
Sister, Mrs. Margaret Jackson
Brothers, Thomas and Benjamin Kelly
Elliott Charles Freemont 3/30/1955 4/2/1955 Callensburg, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 83

Fred S. Bower, Parker, pa. dob- 12-20-1872 Son of William D. and Jane Thomas Elliott Married Sarah J. Zettler on 12/21/1888 Active member of the Parker Methodist Church
Parker, Presby. Children: Ruth G. Elliott, Frank F. Elliott, Raymond Elliott and William Elliott
Brother: Joseph L. Elliott Sisters: Mrs. Leola Snyder, Mrs. Edith Jones and Mrs. L. R. Williams
Services were held from the funeral home with the Rev. Elroy Sayers officiating
Elliott Clarence Edgar 9/19/1954 9/20/1954 Clarion Co.,Pa. Ellwood City, Pa.

Jheart Attack 271
Guy M. Hawk, Sligo, pa. dob- 5-12-1894 Son of John and Mary Bell McKibbon Elliott Married Gladyda Stewart in September 1, 1939
Concord Locomotive crane operator at Ellwood City, National Tube Mill
One brother and one sister survive
Services were held in the Hawk Funeral Home with the Rev. Raymond A. Pitzer officiating
Elliott Cree


DOB 1875

Elliott David Edgar 4/26/1952 4/28/1952 Licking Twp.Clarion Co.,Pa. Clarion, Pa.

dob- 1-5-1866 Father: William E. Elliott Mother: Jane Thomas Elliott Spouse: Belle Tippery Elliott. Died at Watson Convalescent Home School teacher, prothonotary,
Callensburg Served as Representative from Clarion County in the Penna. General Assembly 1941-1943 Daughters: Fanny Elliott and Mrs Edith Nicholl
Brothers: Charles F. and Joseph Elliott
Sisters: Mrs. Minnie Williams, Mrs. Leola Snyder and Mrs. Edith Jones
Elliott David R 2-13-1912


DOB 2-7-1844 Served in Civil War

Elliott Eugene Craig 12-30-1993 1-2-1994 Sligo, Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 71

J. Robert Varner dob - 6-7-1922 Spouse - Velma M. Burns (Mar. 1-19-1946) Father: William Clair Elliott Mother: Stella M. Craig SS# 181-18-0552 Vet- Army Air Corp - Pearl Harbor Survivor
Grandview-Sligo Sons: James, John and Phillip Elliott
Brothers: William, John and Robert Elliott
Step brother: Robert Logan
Sisters: Mrs. Thomas (Norene) Burns, Mrs. Russell Morris
Elliott Geraldine Dee 3-23-1959 3-26-1959 East Brady, Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 31

Ruptured Ectopic-pregnanc

R. W. Moore dob 2-25-1922 Husband - John Elliott Father - Arthur McCanna Mother - Virginia Burdett Member of the East Brady Baptist Church
Rimersburg Sons: John W., Jr., Dennis and Ralph A. Elliott
Brothers: Richard, Ronald and Jack McCanna
Sisters: Mrs. William Simpson, Mrs. Clarence Guthrie, Mrs. Frank Harmon and Ruth McCanna
Elliott Gladys Francis 11-29-1955
Born 6-1-1901


nee Stewart, wife of Edgar Elliott daughter of Melvin Spencer Stewart and Effie Logue
Elliott Helen M. 2/21/1982 2/24/1982 Clarion Co., Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 65

W. N. Rupert, Knox, Pa. dob- 12-19-1916 Daughter of Thomas Grant and Eva Staples McFarland Married 5/29/1940 to Albert H. Elliott Member Callensburg Methodist Church
Mt. Zion, Piney Twp. Daughter: Mrs. Dan (Jean) Stewart
Sons: Fredric Charles and Richard C. Elliott
Sisters: Mrs. Ruth Willis and Mrs. Joseph (Martha) Findlan
Brother: Thomas McFarland
Retired teaching from the Keystone School District in 1980
Elliott Homer
8/12/1954 8/14/1954 Clarion Co., Pa. Brookville Hospital, Pa.


Guy M. Hawk, Sligo, Pa. dob- 4-20-1887 Married 5/20/908 to Thelma Keister Burning out a stump and gasoline exploded

Brother: Arthur
Children: Mrs. Charles Miller, Mrs. Lloyd Kern and Willis Elliott
Elliott J Burton 1907


DOB 1873

Elliott John W. Sr. 8-15-1999 8-19-1999
Clarview Rest Home 79

Myocardial Infarction

J. Robert Varner dob - 5-18-1920

Elliott John William II 9-2-1984 9-4-1984 Born 2-4-1967 Clarion Hospital, Clarion

Cerebral vascular hemorra

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo,Pa white male dob 2-4-1967
470 Rimersburg
Elliott Joseph Irwin 4/21/1964 4/24/1964 Licking Twp., Clarion Co,Pa. R.D. Sligo, Pa. 84

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob - 5-5-1879 Son of William and Jane Thomas Elliott Farmer Member of the Callensburg Methodist Church
Callensburg Sister, Mrs. Minnie Williams
Five sisters and five brothers are deceased
Elliott Miriam L. Kuhns 8/3/2001 8/6/2001 Licking Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Sligo, Pa. 81

Lengthy illness

Varner Funeral home, Sligo dob- 1-26-1920 Daughter of James Reed and Harriett Thomas Slaugenhoup Married ThomasA. Kuhns on 8/12/1939 who died 4/21/1980
Cedarview-Strattanville Son: Thomas Kuhns
Daughters: Mrs. Kenneth (Charlyene) Hunsberger and Mrs. Ed (Beverly) Myers
rothers: Max and Frank Slaugenhoup
Elliott Nancy C 10-25-1884


DOB 11-14-1844

Elliott Orpha Louise 10-24-1996 10-27-1996 R.D. Sligo, Pa. Clarview Rest Home 86

J. Robert Varner dob - 5-18-1910 Spouse - Willis Harmon Elliott (Mar. 6-15-1939) Father- Henry Carllton Over Mother - Lucy Gertrde Rhea School Teacher SS# 186-38-2811
Mt. Zion-
Mt. Zion near Sligo, Pa.
Foster Son: Theodore C. Rhea
Elliott W. Clair 12-27-1989 1230-1989 Callensburg, Pa. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 88

J. Robert Varner dob - 10-15-1901 Spouse - 1. Stella M. Craig (M. 1921) 2. Nola Logan (M.1945) 3. Marian Stevenson (M. 1981) Father - David Elliott Mother - Mary Reese Banker
Grandview - Sligo Sons; Craig, Robert, William, Jack Elliott Stepsons- Robert Logan, William Stevenson Daughter: Norene Burns Stepdaugyter - Ada Morris
Elmadollar Buddy Owen Feb. 21, 1952 Feb. 24, 1952 Rimersburg, Pa. Butler Hospital
Tubercolar Menoyitis

R. W. Moore Birthdate - June 15, 1951 Father - Lawrence Elmadollar Mother- Alda Marie Koch

Emahiser Anderson Miles 1-12-1975

Clarion,Clarion County

Malignancy of greater cur

Cleo A.Hawk,Sligo white male

Emahizer George William 9-1-1984 9-4-1984 Born Aug. 11,1931 RD 2 Piney Township, Clar

Cardiac arrest

Cleo A. Hawk, Sligo, Pa. white male
469 Rimersburg
Emahizer Grace Viola 7/2/1961 7/5/1961 Kittanning, Pa. Curllsville, Pa. 48

Reitz Funeral Home,New Bethlehem dob- 10-30-1912 Daughter of Frank and Nellie Flick Lucas On 5/26/1928 she married Anderson Miles Emahizer
Rimersburg Sons: Ernest C. and George W. Emahizer
Daughters: Mrs. Billy (Dorothy) Best and Mrs. Russell (Josephine) Guntrum
Brother- Roy Lucas
Sisters: Mrs. James Shanafelt and Mrs. Joseph V. Greenawalt
Preceded in death by an infant daughter, Kathy
Emenhiser Shirley Arleen 12-20-1985 12-22-1985 Madison Twp.Clarion Co.,Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 43

Cardiac Arrest

Richard D. Hillis dob - 6-23-1942 Father - Clarence R. Haggerty Mother - Katherine Young SS# 192-42-5760 Spouse- Larry Emenhiser
Lawsonham Son- Raymond Scott Emenhiser Daughter- Connie Lynn Emenhiser Brothers- Kenneth, Lloyd, Donald Haggerty Sisters: Mrs. William (Janet) Allbright, Mrs. Charles (Lois) Workman, Mrs. Donald (Debra) Hosey Maternal Grandmother - Bertha Montgomery
Eminger Amanda
03/19/1936 03/22/1936 PA. RIMRSBURG 75 9 13 HYPOSTATIC PNEUMONIA

R. W. Moore dob 6-6-1860 Died at Etta Crissman home. Father- David Kellerman Mother- Hannah freman Services at Etta Crissman residence
Englert Florence M. 5/19/1957 5/22/1957 Sarah Furnace, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 58

Extended illness

Buechele Funeral Home,East Brady dob- 4-12-1899 Daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Moses Englert Member of the St. George R.C. Church of Pittsburgh
St. Eusebius Survived by four sisters and one brother
Englert Zelda Pearl 5-30-1979 6-2-1979
Warren Hosp., Warren Coun

Gastrointertinal hemmorha

Gerald L.Goble, Kane,Pa. 16735 white female

English M. H.

Co. B, 57th PA Inf. Called up for Morgans Raid July 1863 Discharged Aug. 1863

English Marie G Feb. 2, 1952 Feb. 5, 1952 Madison Twp. Clarion Co. Madison Twp. 49

R. W. Moore Birthdate - Nov. 24, 1903 Husband - Samuel English Father- William H. Bailey Mother- Margaret Rachel Swartz
English Samuel L. 2-17-1983 2-21-1983 Warrendale, Pa. Dubois, Pa. 88

Richard D. Hillis dob - 10-30-1894 Wife - Sara Mildred Dawson MacKinlay Father - John English Mother - Sarah Johnson Buried at Apollo, Pa.
Riverview One son - Harold English Two step-sons- John T. MacKinlay, Robert MacKinlay
English Sara Mildred 2-16-1992 2-19-1992
Rimersburg, Pa. 88

Myocardial Infarction

Richard D. Hillis Birthdate 1-2-1904

English Tammy Lynn 7/1/2002 8/16/2002 Butler, Pa. Alaska 36

dob - 4-2-1966 Daughter of Donald E. and Beverly K. Wright

Mt. Hope, Conneration Son, Richard Dean English
Daughter, Jessica Ann English
Sister, Mrs. Connell (Ruth L.) Buzard, Jr., Pamela Sue Wright and Peggy Lou Stockdill
Brothers: Donald E. Wright, Jr., Ricky Lee Wright, Danny L. Wright
Half-brother- Charles Cousins Helf-sister, Mary Ekas
Engro Centina M. 4-14-1988 4-18-1988 Ramseytown,JeffersonCo,Pa. Piney Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. 79

Cardiopulmonary Collapse

Dick E. Kline dob 8-15-1908 Father- William Rizzo Mother- Teresa Chiado SS# 194-46-4282 Husband- Tony Engro Ctholic
Engro Charles James May 22, 1954 May 25, 1954 Rimersburg, Pa. Fryburg, Pa. 19

Fractured Skull

R. W. Moore Birthdate-Sept. 10, 1933 Father- Tony Engro Mother- Cetina Ritz S.S.#180-26-3250 Killed in Auto Accident in Washington Twp. Clarion Co. at 5:30 a.m.
Rimersburg Graduated from Union High School in 1952
Brothers: Nick, Angelo, Mike, Joseph and James
Sisters: Mrs. Teresa McMaster and Angeline Engro
Services were held from St. Richards Church with the Rev. Fr. Thomas Eustace as the celebrant
Engro Florence
10/15/1938 10/17/1938 PA. RIMERSBURG 8 5 13 Accidently Shot in head with .22 257 3 R.W. MOORE dob 5-2-1930 Father- Tony Engro of Italy Mother- Centina Ritz of Brookville Accidentelly shot in head with 22 rifle Died in Dr. Briceland's Office
Engro Tony
3-25-1969 3-28-1969 Italy LasVegas, Clark Co. Nev. 74

Moore-Kline Funeral Home dob 3-14-1895 Wife- Anita Mary Ritz Retired coal miner Catholic

Enty George Franklin 01/09/1945 01/12/1945 Schulkill Co., Pa. TOBY TWP. 80 3 5

Enty Joseph (Colored) Oct. 24, 1950 Oct. 26, 1950
Rimersburg, Pa. 83

R. W. Moore Birthdate-Oct. 11, 1867 Wife- Ellen Father- John Enty

Enty Joseph Tobias 12-14-1977

Clarion Borough,Clarion C

Respiratory arrest

Robert V.Burns,Clarion Negro male

Enty Rozella (Ella)
9-11-1965 9-14-1965 Shamokin, Pa. R.D. Rimersburg, Pa. 82 5 13 Coronary Occlusion

J. D. Miller dob - 3-28-1883 Negro Husband - Joseph Enty Father - Thomas Tarr Mother - Mary Ann Enty
Erbe Edward
4-6-1998 4-9-1998 Born Oct.13,1905 VAMC, Erie, Erie County

Cardiopulmonary arrest 264 Plot 4
Varner, Sligo

Ertwine Benjamin F. 5/17/1965 5/20/1965 Bloomsburg, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 94

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo,Pa. dob - 4-7-1871 Son of Henry and Anna Grantz Ertwine Married 6/5/1907 to Anna Weckerly Member of the West Freedom Methodist Church
Perryville Sister, Mrs Ellen Ruch
Five brothers and three sisters are deceased

02/1929 02/06/1929


Eshbaugh M. (Rev.) L. 1878

dob - 1847

Eshbaugh Merle Alexander 3-14-1984 3-27-1984 Sligo, Pa. Clarion Hospital, Clarion 79

Cardio-pulmonary arrest

James D. Miller, Rimersburg white male dob - 9-7-1904 Spouse - Velma A. McMaster Father - A. Alexander Eshbaugh Mother - Margaret B. Wilson Auto Mechanic
Rimersburg Son- Arthur L. Eshbaugh Daughters: Mrs. John (Betty) Pryor, Mrs Tom (Eleanor) Pruitt
Brother- Fred W. Eshbaugh, Charles, deceased Sisters: Mrs. Becky Berrest, Mrs. Nora Priester, Mrs. Margaret Yeany, Mrs. Grace Ferris
Eshbaugh Nellie R. 1-22-1989 1-25-1989 Monroe Twp., Clarion Co.,Pa. Franklin Hospital, Pa. 84

J. Robert Varner dob - 11-24-1904 Spouse - John M. Eshbaugh Father - Bird McElravy Mother- Margaret Harriger Retired School Teacher SS# 170-14-2088 Methodist
Sligo Daughter: Doris Jean Colwell
Brothers: Glade and Wayne McElravy
Eshbaugh Velma Anona 8-26-1994 8-30-1994 Mayport,Redbank Twp., Pa. Clarion Hosp.,Clarion,Pa 90

Acute renal failure

Richard Hillis, Rimersburg, Pa. dob - 8-7-1904 Spouse: Merle A. Eshnaugh Father: E. D. McMaster Mother: Idella Klepfer
Rimersburg Son: Arthur L. Eshbaugh Daughters: Mrs. John (Betty E.) Pryor, Mrs. Tommie R. (Eleanor B.)
Pruitt Sisters: Adah Love, Grace Powell, Ethel Walmer
Etherton Charles
2-18-1898 2-20-1898 England Toby Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa 78
John McGuigan & Son Death caused by general debility superinduced by 9years service in the British Army, 5years a sailor and 3 years in the War of the Rebellion Co A 121st N.Y. Inf. GAR
Etherton Julia A. 1903


dob - 1824 Wife of Charles Etherton

Etzel Louise M. 2/2/1959 2/5/1959 Langeaseheid, Germany Bradys Bend Twp., Pa. 93

Extended illness

Buechele Funeral Home, East Brady dob- 12-27-1865 Widow of the late Phillip Etzel Member of St. Patrick's R. C. Church of Bradys Bend
St. Marys, Bradys Bend Daughters: Mrs. Catheribne Miller, Mrs. Anna C. Walley and Adaline H. Etzel
Son:Frank Etzel died in 1951
Evanek Joseph Paul 7/26/2002 7/28/2002 Huey, Pa. Clarview Rest Home,Sligo 89

Richard D. Hillis, Rimersburg dob - 4-18-1913 Son of Joseph Charles and Susan Sophia Charney Evanek Married 5-18-1953 to Wilmetta Crawford who died in 1964
St. Eusebius,East Brady Brothers: John and George Evanek
Sisters: Margaret Colyvas, Madeline M. Evanek , Ella Brooks and Mary Bartley who died in 1986
Evanek Steve
9/27/1955 9/29/1955 Hazelton, Pa. Butler Hospital, Pa. 61

Fractured skull

Hawk Funeral Home, Sligo, Pa. dob- 6-21-1894 Son of Steve M. and Barbara Tobis Evanek Retired coal miner
Evans Mary
11/23/1957 11/26/1957 Perry Twp., Clarion Co., Pa. Kittanning Hospital, Pa. 78

Smith Funeral Home, Kittanning, Pa. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Snow Evans

Bradys Bend
Everet Joseph

DOB 1762

Old Concord
Everett Arch W 9-7-1903


DOB 12-13-1879 Murdered at Upper Hillville.

Everett Carrie


DOB 2-5-1895

Everett Catherine

DOB 1765

Old Concord
Everett Cleveland


DOB 1893

Everett Elizabeth J 1937

DOB 1869

Everett Jacob A 1927


DOB 1870

Everett John


DOB 5-31-1896

Everett John C 1969


DOB 1886

Everett Karel

2 4


DOB 9-03-1902

Everett Lee


DOB 4-22-1897

Everett Loie C 1962


DOB 1903

Everett Mary Ellen 1957


DOB 1871

Everett Oliver P 1919

DOB 1863

Everett Rebecca


Nee Anthony

Everett Twila P


DOB 1900

Everett William


no dates

Everetts Tamer

DOB 1869




DOB 1870

Exley Harvey K. 6/10/1959 6/13/1959 Blairs Corners, Pa. St. Petersburg, Pa. 70

Heart Atack

McKinney _ St. Petersburg, Pa. dob- 4-12-1889 Son of George Washington and Fianni Hunsberger Exley Married 12-6-1941 to Sadie Frederick
St. Petersburg Daughters: Anna Jane Mong and Loretta Seaman
Sisters: Mrs. Ida Henton, Mrs. Lee Garris, Clara Exley, Mrs. Goldie Cotterman and Mrs. Kermit Switzer
Brother: Roland Exley
Eykes Annie E. 8-5-1930 8-7-1930 Toby Twp.,Clarion Co.,Pa. Rimersburg, Pa. 70 4 12 Appoplexy

C. B. Stewart